Poll: Has TPF had an influence on your Coach handbag collection?

  1. I was wondering how many TPF members have been influenced by this forum. By that I mean........how many feel that your Coach handbag collection has grown as a result of being a member here? I know many of you have been avid Coach lovers for years....but, would you have the collection you have today if you were not a member?

    I hope I am not the only one who answered yes to this. I just love this forum and all the people here...I just wanted to let everyone know what an impact your ideas and sharing have given me.

    Here is my Coach collection before I joined TPF:

    Here is my collection after joining TPF:

    My collection has grown to such a point that I have had to divide my Coach family into sub-families.

    First is the Legacy 06 family:


    Next came the Ali Family:


    Then last..... but,not least ....The mixed Coach Family:

    I guess it is safe to say that I have been under the influence of TPF

    Am I the only one? Gosh I hope not!!!!!!

  2. You are NOT the only one!!!!!!!! I'M HERE!!!!!!!!! LOL
  3. Wow that is some collection you have there:drool:! I must admit, my collection has grown significantly as well since I found this forum over the summer. I have been a loyal exclusively Coach wearer for 20 years, but I have been going a bit crazy with the purchases recently! Now that I know from the inside info on here about future releases, it makes it hard to pass any of the collections by without picking up a least one bag per new floorset! I used to average maybe 2-3 new bags w/matching accessories per year, and now Im at like around 7 bags w/accessories since summer alone (some will be for upcoming bday/Christmas, but still...):yahoo:
  4. I was definitely influenced by this forum in particular. I only had at most 2 Coaches before and actually wasn't even a fan of Coach. I had no idea what style was new, old, etc. What there names were....
    To make a long story short, since I joined in October, I have bought 5 Coach bags, 1 wallet, 1 keychain, 2 pairs of shoes, and 1 wristlet. It's been really ridiculous! :nogood:
  5. :sweatdrop: Whew.......wiping brow....Thanks everyone for the quick response. It is nice to know I have company and I am not the only one. Thanks!!!

    I tried to post a poll but, I guess I timed out and it would not let me:confused1:
  6. tpf has absolutely been the cause of my Coach collection exploding the way it has. I just got all my purses out today to remind myself of the MANY Coach bags I own. I have to say that the vast majority of them have been purchased since joining tpf. You guys are GREAT enablers! ;)
  7. I bought my first bag in May...my large Scribble tote for DH to give me for Mother's Day. It's all history from there folks! But the reason my collection has grown so much is the deals that I've gotten either through the outlets, eBay or PCE - and thanks to tPF for discovering these avenues!! I never would've trusted buying on eBay without the knowledge learned here (in fact, my first purchase attempt was a fake wallet, which I got a refund on!) The only full price item I've paid for so far is my Scribble tote!!!
  8. Oh, I forgot to comment on what a great collection you have building LOVINCOLLECTIN - your screen name suits you well :tup:
  9. I'm pretty sure it has affected ALL of us!!! :amuse:
  10. I would say it has, but not to a crazy extent. The influence this place has had on my collection is that I never gave leather bags a second look before because I thought they were very "older people" looking. What can I say, all my mom carries is Coach leathers... Haha. But once coming here, I discovered the Legacy collection and saw how beautiful the colors and styles were. I totally fell in love with the white Ali after seeing Hayden P.'s photos over and over, and I adore the shoulder bags (both 06 and 07). So since being on here, I've added two leather Legacy bags to my already large collection... bags I would never have looked at before.

    It's so funny, when I used to go to my outlet I would always stick to the right side of the store because that's where they had all the signature stuff... now, I've started going to the left side first to see if any new Legacy pieces came in because I'm dying for the clay or pond shoulder bag.
  11. definitely.. i stopped buying coach for a while and was inspired to buy more and more and more and more.
  12. Oh yes, definitely! I started out with 1 Soho hobo and matching Soho wallet that I got myself for my B-day and now I have 12 bags and many accessories!! Not to mention that I have bought and sold MANY bags this year on top of the ones I have kept. It's been a crazy year. I'm trying to slow down though.. I need to put myself on a ban....:p
  13. yes! definitely! my collection also grew but i am now trying to weed it out so i can get more..hehe
  14. The only problem with putting YOURSELF on a ban is that you can EASILY talk yourself out of it if you're lusting after a particual Legacy Shoulder bag in the TDF raisin color...but not that I know from experience or anything :graucho:
  15. ummm yes, most definately! I was always Coach obsessed before, but it went to a new level when I joined TPF, and I didn't think that was possible. And by going to new levels I really mean the price I was willing to pay for a bag. Before, I thought $400-$500 was a lot for a bag, but not anymore...Now I own Miranda ($800) and Lily ($1200)!
    Another thing joining this forum did for me was opened my eyes to the beauty of the leather bags! Before it was all about the signature pieces, but I'm in love with the leather now!

    I also have to say that tPF has helped to expand my makeup and beauty product (in general) collection. Again, makeup and beauty products have always been another obsession of mine, but now I find myself buying every other thing recommended in The Beauty Bar forum! Thank god I usually like pretty much everything I purchase!

    I love TPF!!! :woohoo: