Poll: Handbag security at work

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  1. I keep mine locked in my car. I work at a construction site so there's no where to keep it.
  2. I have an office and leave it in an unlocked desk drawer.
  3. I leave it in my desk drawer. I don't lock it up because I'm too lazy plus I work downstairs with a small dept. so we are all close and cool we don't steal from each other plus we would kind of know who it was since it is pretty small. The only thing I have to worry about is people stealing my pens and stapler lol!!! I label those and lock them up :hrmm:
  4. I keep mine locked in my file cabinet at school...even though our doors are locked to outsiders-you never know when a student might decide to help themselves to some $$$,
  5. I lock my bag in my drawer. When we have a meeting or when i step away I lock my drawer w/ the key.
  6. i just leave mine on the desk. Silly if you ask me -- I mean why do I think it's so secure? I think I'll start at least moving it to my file cabinet... (unlocked of course.. but hey, it's better than leaving it out in the open, right?)
  7. I lock mine in the file drawer of my desk, but I also close & lock my office door when I leave, and if there is just one of us left in the suite, we lock the outer door as well.
  8. Mine is under my desk at work... it's not locked, but anyone would have to pass through my secretary to get to my office, so it's pretty secure.
  9. I've got a magnetic hook on the side of one of my file cabinets, and I hang my bag on it. We're badged/secured entry, so - only access is by fellow employees who have plenty of their own stuff laying about to bother with mine.