Poll: Handbag security at work

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  1. So I'm currently a graduate student but will start working in "the real world" this September. I've been pondering what to do with my babies at work - let's say you just want to go to the canteen to buy a quick drink, or do a loo run - and wonder what you all would do.

    Do you:

    1. Always, always take it with you wherever you go
    2. Lock it up in your cabinet
    3. Put it in your cabinet without locking
    4. Leave it sitting in your desk/chair
    5. Other (please say what)

    Obviously standards aren't the same across all offices - some are safer, some not as much, and some have strangers coming in and out, etc. But it would be interesting to see what people do! :tup:

    I'll probably end up doing 2 or at least 3.
  2. i always lock my bag in my desk drawer. i'm in a cubicle so i don't have a door. it's not really that unsafe but ppl have had their ipods/wallets stolen from their desks, so i'm extra careful.

    i can't imagine leaving a wallet or purse on a desk, anywhere. my laptop was stolen from my office last year (when i was in graduate school), even when it had a Kensington lock on it! :wtf: After that, i learned my lesson. People steal. Even if you think it's super safe and you work with the nicest people, it happens.

    Like I said my workplace is super safe (badge is required for access, there are cameras) but once someone had their wallet stolen because somebody let a non-employee "tailgate" behind them into a door. this person ended up being a thief, who stole things from ppl's desks. :cursing: Luckily, the security cameras were able to catch the person.
  3. I'm kind of bad and leave it under my desk, but I'm trying to make space to place it into a desk drawer and then lock it...but then that will mean I'll have to carry the key around and I tend to lose things. I'm in a cube, but to get to my office you need to go off the beaten path. I think you should at least put it into a drawer.
  4. my working area is safe so I feel safe leaving my bigger purse/(totes) under my desk. When I go to cafeteria I usally only grab my wallet or pouchette
  5. I have my own office, so I tend to be bad and just it on a chair on my desk. Honestly, I have a drawer that's big enough to place it (it's a long horizontal drawer for files, but I rarely use it...I really should
  6. At my work place we have small lockers.And since my bags are bigger than the lockers I leaves my bag locked up in the trunk of my car
  7. I lock my purse in cabinet. I have to wear a badge at work, so I use a badge holder that is big enough to carry my file cabinet key and some money. I got the badge holder from Wilson's. I do see some women carry their purses with them everywhere. That is probably a good idea, because in case of an emergency, you will have your purse with you. One time there was a fire in an office building, and I knew a guy that couldn't get back in the building to get his briefcase that had his keys in it. He thouht it was going to be just another fire drill...
  8. I always place it in my desk drawer and lock it up when I leave my desk. We have a pretty safe office environment, but still, I'm not risking my precious babies!
  9. i lock it up
  10. My office is my car! So my bag sits behind the passenger seat usually with my raincoat thrown over it.
  11. I keep it in the cupboard in my office, but not locked. Our office is pretty secure and I know someone would get noticed rifling through my cupboard, but I don't tempt people by leaving it out in clear view.
  12. I always lock my bag in my drawer now. Before I just used to leave it on my desk, in my previous company (an international Bank Branch) I had around $200 stolen from my bag. I was so angry not just for losing the money, but disgusted that one of your co-workers could steep so low and trust me everyone at the Co. was a well paid person and I just couldn't understand why some one would do that. But someone was planning that as I had just returned from the ATM. It makes me very sad and angry till now.
  13. I keep mine with me at the nurses station (I work in a nursing home). I work night shift, so there isn't really anyone around. There is usually only two other employees working with me, so if something was missing, the list of suspects would be pretty short. I never keep too much cash or credit cards in my purse, so if someone did steal something, it wouldn't be much. If I work a day or evening shift, I lock it up in one of the lockers in the break room.
  14. I work in a school and many people had their bags stolen right out of their classrooms. My bag is pretty safe though, I put it in a walk-in safe that only 3 people know the combo to.
  15. I sit at in a cubicle all day... my bag sits right next to me when I'm at my desk (not locked up), but when I'm gone for longer periods of time (meetings, out to lunch, etc.), i'll lock it up in my drawer at work...