Poll: Great Color Work for Work


What Colored Work?

  1. 07 Ivory

  2. 07 Black

  3. 07 Ocean

  4. 07 Periwrinkle

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi people,

    It's great to hang out on this forum. I really value all your advice. So here's my new dilemma, I would like to purchase a new work for work and occasional business travel.

    What color would you go for? I have the following Bbags and I would like to diversify my collection stylewise and colorwise.

    1. 06 caramel CITY.
    2. 07 anthracite TWIGGY.
    3. 07 black GH clutch.

    Here are a few of my concerns:
    1. I live in a hot and humid place.
    2. I want a fun work bag that doesn't loose it's seriousness for work (finance).
    3. I wear lots of suits and shirts and slacks for work.
    4. I want a bag that will wear well (hopefully) in different seasons.

    I'm deciding amongst the following colors: ivory/ black/ ocean/ periwrinkle. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks!
  2. Hmmmm. I vote for Ocean. Conservative for finance, but still fun:yes: Second vote is for Blue Glacier.

    Good luck:smile:
  3. I vote ocean too -- a good all-year colour with a bit of fun.
  4. I vote for Ocean !
  5. I'm more leaning towards ocean or black. I love periwrinkle, but it seems like a much more casual color.

    Ivory just seems like a ton of maintenance, and as a daily bag I'm afraid she won't get any.

    Must sleep on this for a while...
  6. Black....
  7. Ocean~ because it's a fun color without losing it's seriousness for work~ which is what you want! Ivory will be high maintenance. Black won't give you the punch of color that you're looking for. Periwinkle may be too mellow for you.
  8. hmmm.... I'm not a blue bag fan.... but of all your choices, I vote for the ocean... simply coz I find white bags tooo high maintenance esp if you use it on a regular basis... and black... well black is black... not what I would call "a great color" as your thread states... not a fan of the Blue glacier coz its too veiny for me...

    Ocean is your best shot for a bit of color but great for work at the same time... HTH... keep us posted!
  9. OCEAN!!

    Black...way too conservative. Even with gorgeous leather, a black Work is a lot of black and will probably not bring a smile to your face or feel "special".

    Ivory....yikes...constant concern vigilance....forget it.

    Periwinkle/Glacier....a personal favourite...have a weekender in it...(and smile EVERY time I even see it...what's THAT worth???) but again, probably a BIT more special handling than you want for an everyday working bag.

    Ocean.....understated without being boring, gorgeous colour, low maintenance (relatively speaking) and different enough to provoke the occasional comment/compliment without being in anyone's face.

    Good luck wih it and tell us what you decide.

    Now....what about your hardware???? :p
  10. My vote for Ocean too.... Grenat would be pretty too. (Even though I know its not on your list). But Ocean would def... give it a splash of color & fun for work, w/o being to boring or waaay out there, and not as high maintenance vs. the natural.
  11. i love work in black because it is such a classic beauty but since you already have a black clutch the i would go for the ocean.
  12. I voted for Ocean too, but you may want to consider PINE, which is coming out shortly. Would be very versatile and practically a neutral, but still a pretty color to give you that pop.
  13. Black Work all the way. It's a staple for the professional woman. Black wears year-round, and plus, there's nothing more chic and edgy than a Bal moto-bag in black! And, it matches everything! I know you already have a black clutch, but the work and the clutch are such different styles that it would be worthwhile to get a second black.

    Plus, if you're gonna be traveling with it, black will be most practical. You'll never have to worry about handles darkening, which will happen with the colors. I use my Black Work for just about everything: work, travel, and play.
  14. I vote for black...classic, goes well with everything, and I feel that it gives off the impression of a powerful woman (does that make any sense?) :smile:
  15. Another vote for Black.

    I have 3 Works at the moment(06 Black, 06 Grenat, and 07 Cafe)and I find that my black is the edgiest one of all because of the heavily distressed leather on mine. Mine is extremely wrinkly, and it's just really funky while maintaining some level of professionalism because of the color. I think it all depends on the leather for black.

    Or you had Grenat on your poll, I'd have voted for Grenat. I use mine all the time(I wear mostly dark colored suits to work), it's a sophisticated "pop" color while still being on the conservative side.

    I, too live in a hot, humid place(Sydney)but I don't feel the need to wear a light colored bag:rolleyes: besides, they're way too high maintenace for me. And I'm not totally convinced with Ocean yet.

    Here's my Grenat:heart:


    And my super wrinkly, smooshy Black:tup: