POLL - Give up Cafe for Anthracite?

  1. Couple of weeks back, I lost my laptop and came close to selling my Cafe City to buy a new laptop. Thank goodness my Dad offered to help me out at the very last minute and I got to keep my B-bag!!!! :yahoo:

    Now I have a new dilemma. :confused1: I'm in love with the Anthracite color and after speaking with an SA from the Balenciaga store, I managed to get myself on the list for an Anthrciate first. But to get it, I'd probably have to sell my Cafe City. What do you all think? Should I make that move? Is the Anthracite first worth that "trade"? The Cafe City is SOLD OUT so that means that once I let go of it, I don't know when I'll ever be able to get it! Of course, ideally, I'd like to keep the Cafe City AND get the Anthracite First:p
  2. I will keep the Cafe......
  3. i would go for anthracite. i'm actually thinking of getting one myself, but a day (do they make them?). i'm a day NUT now. :drool:
  4. The first is a lot smaller, so I'm not sure what to suggest. I really like the cafe color because it is such a deep espresso color, however, I think that the antracite color is more versatile.
  5. Keep the cafe.
  6. I would keep the cafe (I'm biased because I have a cafe city and love it).
  7. the cafe is a pretty color and the city is such a great size - the anthracite is a great color too (I just got it in the work:smile: ) but the first size is smaller than the city. I dont know - sorry.
  8. ^^ definitely keep the cafe city girl!!! :tender:

    p.s. browns that gorgeous don't come around often
  9. i really like anthracite... i have a city, but the first i don't think is as practical as the city, as it's a lot smaller. and just for the size, i would say to keep the cafe.
  10. Welll....if you were going for an anthracite CIty, then I'd say to get the anthracity. However, the City is so much more practical than the First, AND the cafe is a gorgeous color....soooo, I'd advise sticking with the cafe City. Just take heart -- in less than 6 months, someone will surely put their anthracite bag on eBay for sale. Someone always does. This isn't your last chance to get one!
  11. I prefer Cafe to Anthracite - but only just :graucho:

    But I prefer the First to the City :shrugs:
  12. Thanks everyone!!! :smile:

    Since majority is going with me keeping the Cafe, guess I'll keep it - and I'm loving it EVEN MORE after all the wonderful comments about the cafe color :wlae:

    Maybe when I get my savings up, I'll consider ADDING the Anthracite!
  13. ^^ yay, i'm so happy you're keeping her!!! :yahoo:

    p.s. i've got a cafe mini-bowler & it's my favorite brown :heart:
  14. I love Cafe but didn't get one because I have a Marron. I almost did but then decided that until I expand into more major color categories, I shouldn't have two brown bags. So I got the Anthracite in the City.

    I truly love Anthracite -- but if you can have only 1 b bag right now, I suggest staying with the City you have, because the size is actually more versatile. Kristy's right...an Anthracite will pop up on eBay for sure in the near future, especially when the new colors come out for Fall.

    As for being sold out, all the colors eventually get sold out, so I wouldn't let that influence you.

    Keep the Cafe City!
  15. Cafe for sure...!