Poll:Geant Cougar,BV, or Roxbury? Need Photoshop Savvy pp!


Time to get a shoulder bag!

  1. BV-work horse bag, but don't like vachetta straps

  2. Geant Cougar-double as school & wkend bag, no vachetta, but snug fit shoulder strap

  3. Vernis Pomme/Perle Roxbury-it's a Roxbury, need i say more?

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  1. OK, I need to get a shoulder bag for my LV collection, but was torn between:

    Damier Geant Cougar(inspired by Karman's post)<--can double as school and weekend bag, no vachetta, but snug shoulder fit. Can anyone post a pix of you holding it? Can i use straps?
    BV<--everyday work horse bag, but don't dig the vachetta
    Vernis Roxbury Pomme/Perle(thanks to arnott and twiggers' post)<--it's Pomme, need i say more?:graucho:

    they are all around the same price range, but i was wondering can any photoshop savvy pp do a pix of Perle and Pomme Roxbury w/patina, you know, like the one we saw for Azur? i really like the contrast of naked vachetta w/Pomme, but not sure if i will love it the same after the vachetta starts to patina....i like my vachetta light. On the other hand, i think i will like Perle Roxbury after the vachetta starts to patina, however, i already have a Chanel white patent leather bag, also the color transfer scares me...... Experts, what do you think?
  2. I chose the Damier Geant. I put it on my shoulder and it worked fine... but I dont carry things on my shoulder unless there is a strap...
  3. I guess it depends on what you're going to use the bag for ?

    if the vachetta of the BV is going to bother then it will bother you with the vernis roxybury.

    But again i guess it depends on what your plans are for this bag?
  4. I have tiny wrist, so i can fit my hand in the oval opening of Roxbury fine instead of grabbing it from top, KWIM? also the strap will be worn messenger style for me, so i don't touch it that much anyway. I worry about BV's strap b/c i have narrow shoulders(had an 'accident' w/it as some of you might recall), so i have to keep touching the vachetta strap to put it back on my shoulder. Geant Cougar, i can use it for school, perhaps weekend bag/carry on, though i rarely travel these days.....

    Keep your votes comming!

    Matt-how long is the strap? there's none for me to see in store, and SA said it's a short handle, so more of a snug fit...it will really help to see it on pp's shoulder ^^
  5. Here are a few pics

    It looks fairly large enough. If it fit on me ( and I have bigger arms than you do) it will fit on you for sure!

    as you see, its VERY roomy and I just absoutely LOVE it!


    I plan on buying it one day! :yes:
  6. Matt~>>>hugs<<< Thank you a bunch for posting the close shots!!!! It's more duarble than BV for sure, but do you think it can stand the weight of college text books? my backpack weights aprox 2 BoML book....sry i don't have a scale w/me, but i think it's about that heavy.
  7. OMG YES! Geant uses the same material to climb mountains!! if it can hold a persons body weight, it can hold books! lol

    your set!
  8. I would get the Damier Geant Cougar. :biggrin:
  9. Not my best, but here ya go:


  10. Well I own the BV & the Pomme Roxbury. Use wise...I'll get more use out of my BV because it is more of an everyday tote that goes with everything, whereas my Pomme Roxbury I see myself being more careful with it (because of Vernis) and more careful with the colors I wear with it. BUT I still vote Roxbury....it can be handheld or shoulder, dressy or casual!
  11. Thanks for the pics of patina on the bags John. I really don't think it'll look bad with patina!
  12. I like the damier geant.
  13. I also tried it;) I need to practice my Photoshop skill.:push:
    I hope it looks like the darker orange patina:love:

    Actually Roxbury has less leather, so it shouldn't bother too much if it gets patina.
    patina.jpg patina2.jpg
  14. Lovely "faux patina" pics, John and Ilovepurse007 :yes:

    And Matt, thank you for posting those Cougar pics! :nuts:
  15. Your welcome! the bag is amazing, I totally recommend it. If I only had the extra $860 to throw at it right now lol