Poll: Full or Half circle Eternity Ring (TIffany shared prongs)


Full Eternity or Half Circle Anniversary Band from Tiffany

  1. Full Eternity- give me all the blings

  2. Half Circle- need to be practical and not worry about banging the ring

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  1. I have the half circle as my wedding band and I love it. Would buy it again without a doubt.
    My other anniversary ("celebration") bands are half circle as well.
  2. Thanks and I don't mind at all. It's 1.35c.
  3. You can have the prongs checked? I had no idea... I want to have mine checked as well. Do you juar go to customer service and tell them younwant your promgs checked? I have a full eternity and I'm pretty rough on it. I was worried about damaging it when I first got it, but now I don't care as much. If it gets damaged someday, well then it will be tHe time to et a new one :smile:
  4. It does look very big on you! You must have tiny fingers :smile:
  5. both my ering and wedding band are eternity bands. I wear my rings every day (one on each hand) and go back to my jeweler every 6 months for a checkup. I've cracked 4 (.25ct) stones on the band, lost 5 pave chips, dented the ering into an oval shape and have had both bands remade twice already - I've only been married for 3.5 years :smile:

    I know you decided on the half - i think it was the right way to go :smile:

    I haven't had either ring for two weeks now - back in the shop being remade! Eternity is gorgeous if you can handle not banging it up. clearly I can not!
  6. Argh sorry I just realized that my comment could be interpreted the wrong way. I just meant that your ring faces up very big and that it is a great size for you. Very beautiful :smile:
  7. No worries at all, I didn't take it that way. My ring size is 3.25. Yes, Tiffany always inspect the stones and setting every time you bring the ring in to clean. You don't even have to ask, just say you need it cleaned and they will automatically clean, inspect the stones and prongs. After every cleaning, they always tell me that the stones and the prongs look fine, of the prongs need to be tightened. You also get lime time polishing.
  8. I voted for full eternity, i love sparkles all around, all the way! i have a full eternity 3.5 carat and size 4, it's not that uncomfortable as i thought, it looks awesome....plus it's enough sparkle when i don't wear my ering too.