POLL: Frye boots...help me pick color!


Which color boots should I buy for fall?

  1. Black

  2. Brown

  3. Tan

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  1. Hi ladies. A glass slipper it is not, but I need some help deciding which boots to get for fall. I usually buy Clarks boots with the ankle zip and stacked 2 1/2" heel, but they are no longer available. I have two pairs in black, one chocolate, and I just ruined my tan pair. So I need a kick-around pair of boots to wear with jeans and sweaters, basically. The choices are black, brown, and tan. Here are the pics (posted alphabetically, by color name...:lol:):
    Frye black.jpg Frye brown.jpg Frye sand.jpg
  2. I like that particular boot in tan.
  3. I like the tan as well
  4. I guess I'm the only one who chose black.
  5. Brown!
  6. i say brown.
  7. brown.
  8. brown!
  9. I like the tan.
  10. Hmm. Brown and tan seem to be tied in the "comments" but tan is leading in the poll! Keep those comments coming, ladies! Thanks!
  11. Make sure you have a belt that matches!!!
  12. Have you tried these on before? I don't mean to be a downer but I tried on some Michael Kors motorcycle boots that looked very similar to these yesterday and they went on easy and fit great BUT I nearly couldn't get them off. The angle was weird and there's no zipper. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
  13. Brown!
  14. Yes and no. I ordered the gaucho tan (the darker tan, not shown here) in a size 9 (since they might be hard to get on/off...I wear an 8.5) from Zappos, but they ended up being too big and sliding around on my foot, AND I did not like the gaucho tan color for me. So I sent them back and waited a while. Now that fall is coming up I am thinking about another pair (since I ruined my tan Clarks). They were a bit hard to get on where my ankle is swollen, but they seemed to be stretching out pretty well for the couple of times that I tried them on. Getting them back off might be a challenge! I might have to get a boot jack! But I used to wear riding boots all the time, so I am used to that. :yes:
  15. The brown jumps out at me the most. :biggrin: