French blue 07 city or Aquamarine 07 city?

  1. FRENCH BLUE (Bleu de France) 07

  2. AQUAMARINE 07 (Cobalt)

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I find both the FRENCH BLUE and the AQUAMARINE to be exciting colors esp. for spring and summer. :nuts: Which do you prefer in the city style and why? :love: If you don't like it in the city style, which style would u get ur preferred color in?
  2. They are both sooo pretty but I think the Aquamarine is the most sophisticated of the two. It has the wonderful undertones.

    I would get either the day or twiggy because it is such a fun, casual color and I think it is best in those shapes or in a large style like the weekender.
  3. i am totally loving the aqua! it is such a pretty color
  4. I LOVE the french blue - what a statement it makes!
  5. I voted for French Blue because I own a work style in that color...and also because I still haven't seen Aquamarine in person.

    Have you looked into the new Bleu Glacier/Periwinkle? I saw it today in person and oh my!
  6. I personally ADORE the french blue. I already own a turq 05 city and I still want a french blue work! I think it's a great color. Aquamarine (don't hate me!) doesn't look as gorgeous as turquoise 05 does.
  7. Aqua all the way! It's BEAUTIFUL!!
  8. Aquamarine. But, I love the french blue, too. I think the french blue would be so adorable in a mini bowling.
  9. aquamarine...love the marriage of turquoise and teal.
  10. definitely aquamarine :smile: it's gorgeous especially with GH!
  11. I think that the french blue is just so amazing. I like aqua, but it doesn't have the same WOW-factor for me.
  12. Thanks for all ur posts so far! I would love to see either in real life! Perhaps tomorrow when I go to NM, they will have a few in these colors! :graucho:

    For the 07 colors, I also love the vermillion and the vert deau... but vert deau I feel is too light for me and the vermillion I love...but I have a rouge vif...so not sure if I should get another red any time soon.... too many choices/decisions...and not enough in my wallet! AHH! the curse of a bbag addiction!
  13. french blue, it pops!! aqua is a little like BI, which is a little too dull and "dirty-looking" for me, JMHO *don't shoot me* =)
  14. Aqua :smile:
  15. Aquamarine for the City style....French Blue for the First style. That is exactly what I am hoping for :love: