POLL for Wallet rec's - LV vs. Hermes?


HELP! Which wallet would you choose?

  1. LV Koala (Canvas or Vernis)

  2. LV French Purse (Epi leather)

  3. Hermes Bearn

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I need a new wallet, and have narrowed it down to a few choices:
    LV Koala, LV French purse or Hermes Bearn... can't decide!
    Is there Hermes one really worth twice the price (ie) design, materials?). Thanks for your opinions!
  2. Can you post a photo of each? That way I can make an educated decision. hehe.
  3. yes, can you post photos please :P
  4. Here you go!
    1. LV Koala
    2. LV French Purse
    3. Hermes Bearn
    LV Koala.jpg LV French purse.jpg Hermes Bearn.jpg
  5. If you can afford it, go for the Bearn! Think of all the colours you can choose from :tender: .

    That being said, I like the Epi french purse a lot too...