Poll for Stay At Home Moms: How do you dress everyday?

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SAHMs: How do you dress everyday

  1. I usually dress down: Sweats, jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes.

  2. I dress casually: Pants, sweaters, button-down shirts, loafers, and minimal jewelry.

  3. I always dress up: Dresses, skirts, dressier pants & shirts, heels, and a lot of jewelry.

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  1. #1 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    I was just wondering how the SAHMs on this forum dress on a daily basis? I personally know several SAHMs who dress up every day and look very glamorous all the time. I also know women who wear grey fleece sweatsuits all the time. I'm somewhere in the middle: I mainly wear jeans, sweaters, and loafers. I will dress up if I'm going to meet one of my more fashionable friends for lunch.
  2. In the winter I dress down (and warm) and other seasons I dress casually.
  3. It depends. Inside the house when I am not expecting guests I dress down and comfortably. But when I go out - even to drop the kids off at school - I always dress nicely. I don't usually wear fancy clothes, but I often wear more casual dresses. I never leave the house in sweats!
  4. AT home when only my kiddie is around I mostly wear sweats, but if going out I wear dresses, skinny jeans, sometimes heels, boots and always earrings and my rings. Just trying to be more stylish just cause I am a mom I don't wanna slack!
  5. I chose "always dress up.." since I am a fashionable 22 year old [have a 23 month old daughter] (I do have gigs/work occasionally--avg a few days every month--)

    At home, I'm not fully done up with "lots of jewelry"..that's not even my style.. I'm in comfy (but cute) clothes.

    I go out (brunches, errands, shopping) almost everyday, therefore, I dress up almost everyday! :biggrin:

    I don't like the idea of looking "drab" at the store or even going to the post office...lol Besides, it takes me about 20 minutes to get ready so it's not a big deal for me at all to do so! :tup:
  6. MissPinkBarbie: If I looked like you and had your figure, I would dress up everyday too! Are you a model?
  7. I have a 5 1/2 year old and a 4 year old, and I am lucky to be able to work from home...so I consider myself a semi-SAHM. I chose the first option of "dress down." It takes me 30 min to get ready every morning, and I won't leave the house without at least a little eye makeup and blush on (otherwise I'm like a corpse). But, my day-to-day clothing is simple: jeans, sweater, wedding rings, and watch. I might dress it up a bit with nice ankle boots once in awhile.
  8. I would say day to day I dress casually. I go to the gym every morning, so until about noon, you will find me in workout gear. After that if I have no plans to go anywhere, I will wear jeans, sweaters, tunic, leggings. If I have lunch plans or shopping to do I will kick it up a notch & do heels, jewlery, etc. Since I workout each day I always shower & "do" my hair, apply makeup, etc. I'm not one that can workout & just run around town after, I have to shower so I figure I might as well spend the 20 extra minutes & apply makeup & blow out my hair....plus I feel better if I am "put together" for the day....
  9. I'm somewhere between casual and always dressed up. If I'm staying at home I dress casual but still nice. If I go out then I dress up. I found early on in my kids life that if I took a few minutes for me everyday then I felt much better about myself which makes me a better mom.
  10. I'm somewhere in between casual and dressed up. My hair and makeup are always done whether we go out or not. I have never gone out in sweat pants (not to the supermarket or to drop my son off at school)
    As a SHM I think it's so easy to very quickly fall into the frumpy, sloppy trap. Even though I am home with my kids I refuse to look like I just rolled out of bed. I know for me, how I'm dressed truly affects my attitude and outlook on the day.

    totally off subject.... but can I add that I am so tired of having to defend my choice to stay home and raise my children. I actually had a friend of mine tell me the other day "I don't know how you do this every day. It's such a thankless job and the salary sucks"
    I was speechless. OK, done venting, rant is over. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. it was really bothering me,
  11. I've also heard similar comments. It's a little irritating when I hear things like, "But you have a degree! Why aren't you working?" I usually answer with something like, "Well, everyone has to decide what is right for their family. Right now, it works best for my family to have me at home full-time. When the time is right, I will start working again." That usually stops them from making any further rude comments.
  12. usual dress down, dont have time unfortunatelly

  13. People just don't get sometimes, that resing a child is a job. It is working and working hard