Poll for my Sis--please help!


Chanel Cambon or Chloe Paddington?

  1. Chanel Cambon

  2. Chloe Paddy

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  1. Ok my sister is officially driving me nuts lol :weird: She saw a Chanel Cambon pink bowling on the Real World and asked if I could help find her one. THEN she just called me and said what about the Paddington, should I get that instead? I personally :love: the Paddy more than Chanel (no offense to anyone), but she wanted me to post to get an unbiased opinion as to which you all think is nicer, longer lasting, more worth the $, all that jazz :lol:

    SO which would you pick - a Chanel cambon bowling OR Chloe paddington and why? I appreciate any insight so I can pass the word on!
  2. chanel.
  3. I love the casual look of the paddington. It goes with everything from casual clothing to a suit.

    I would probably make the chanel my second purchase. When I can finally decide on which chanel I want it will have to be a style I will use for a very long time.
  4. chanel all the way....
  5. I have major paddy fever right now. So I had to vote for that! Although I do love the Chanel is wonderful- it's a totally different look. IMO- It all depends on what type of look she wants: casual chic (chloe) or classic and refined (chanel).
  6. I love the Chanel cambon- but please try to get her to steer clear of the pink! I hate that color (but the black or the beige would be fantastic!)
  7. Chanel cambon bowler, but in black or beige. I'm not a fan of the pink :Push:
  8. Well, i voted for the Chloe b-cuz I don't care for the pink chanel but black or white would be nice if that in the group to choose from
  9. I think the Paddy is way too trendy--sorry Paddy lovers! I just think it doesn't have the staying power... Especially with the Boho Fashion trend in clothing that's passing. Depending on the style of the Chanel Cambon--I think that could have MUCH longer lasting power.
  10. I picked paddy because I don't like the idea of a pink Chanel. White or black Chanel would trump the paddy, though.
  11. i think the chanel cambon range is a very trendy and in-your-face one.. it's not very classic or elegant IMHO, more fun and pop-py..
    plus the leather wouldn't be very hardy, so wouldn't last as long..

    so i vote paddy..
  12. Chanel
  13. Chanel without a doubt ..... it is timeless.
  14. C to da H to da ANEL!!! all da way baby!:biggrin: But, not a fan of the pepto pink line. The black or white ones are pretty pimp.
  15. Chanel she will not regret it.