Poll for Galliera owners

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What problem9s) have you had with the galliera?

  1. The magnetic snap broke.

  2. The leather is too flimsy.

  3. The handle came off somehow.

  4. The handle hardware marks up the patina.

  5. No problems

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have been thinking about buying a galliera pm, but I have seen a lot of threads/posts about issues with galliera quality. So I wanted to see how many galliera owners have had problems and what issue seems to be the most common.

    I remember when I first purchased my Manhattan pm, and the hardware from one of the front pockets fell off. My SA exchanged it for me and admitted that it was a quality control issue that she had seen a lot (with that particular bag).

    So those of you who own a galliera or have friends who own a galliera please answer the poll. Thanks!
  2. The problem I had is not listed. The back side of mine the vachetta was very wrinkled.
  3. Wow!! didnt know these problems existed.. good thread.
  4. I love my Galliera PM and haven't had any problems with it!

    *knock on wood*
  5. That's pretty crazy. But I think the hardware rubbing against Vachetta is the least of your worries, and definitely unavoidable. But I think the scariest one is the handle coming off. That's horrible to see all of these problems, though. Considering how new the bag is.
  6. No problems, not even the rings darkening the patina as was mentioned in another thread.
  7. BTW I meant the canvas being too thin or flimsy. I can't figure out how to edit my poll.

    Thanks for the responses so far. I have just been wondering if there are overall design issues (like with the first group of Manhattan PMs) or if a few faulty bags made it through QC.
  8. I haven't had any problems at all. The only thing I've noticed with mine is that it seems to be turning pretty fast compared to any of the other bags I've owned...but thats probably cause I use it way more often. It's actually about the same color as my Speedy that I've had for almost two years. Truth is I've probably used the Galliera more than the Speedy and I've only had it about 2 months.
  9. I wouldn't say the canvas is filmsy. it is just soft and given its size, it will slouch because of it's softness (but that's one of the things that people love about this bag). I was concerned before I bought mine that the canvas would not be as durable because I heard that it was softer, but now that I have it I think it is just as durable as the others (compared to bucket and speedy anyway). As far as the black marks, it is too soon to tell for me as mine is only 5 days old. But I plan not to spray it with any protector as per the advice of Louis Vuitton Customer Service Department. I will keep everyone up to date whether not spraying will help it avoid the black marks. I am hoping so because I can totally see how spraying the brass would somehow make it tarnish unnaturally, and getting the tarnish on the leather. So far, knock on wood that I haven't had any problems yet.

    If you are hesitating on buying it, just let me say that this is a great bag and I totally love it!!!
  10. the only problem i've had is the hardware marking the leather, but it's not a deal breaker for me.
  11. Wow..I haven't had any problems but then again I've only used mine a couple of times post purchase....I'm definately going to check mine out tonight!
  12. I haven't had any problems with mine {{{crossing fingers}}}
  13. I honestly think the quality is excellent. The only thing is that the hardware turns parts of the vachetta dark, but I can deal with that!
  14. No problems at all....and I admit that I am very hard on my bags..I have the GM and carry everything but the kitchen sink in it!
  15. Another thread popped up about the strap breaking. Seems to be a problem that has happened more than a couple of times. Too bad!