POLL: Final Pictures, FINAL Decision before Returning Commences!


FINAL DECISION! I promise...Returns Commence Tomorrow!

  1. Medium Denim Carly

  2. Large Denim Carly

  3. Medium Khaki Signature Saddle Carly

  4. Crimson Signature Stripe Tote (and matching agenda!!)

  5. Darker Blue Signature Stripe Tote

  6. NOTHING...return them all and quit spending money$$$$!!!

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  1. Okay, this is IT! I promise to leave y'all alone after this :pPLEASE give me your input on this Final decision...returning commences TOMORROW. Here are my final options. Please help me to decide...(some pros & cons listed)
    #1 Medium Denim Carly: different, less $$, holds a lot but is not huge, don't see a lot of them - yet??, can get matching accessory for price total price of Lg Denim Carly
    cons: might be more trendy than classic?
    #2 Large Denim Carly: different, holds a TON - go for the gusto!, don't see a lot of them (yet??)
    cons: most expensive; very big, might be more trendy than classic, no $ left for accessories
    #3 Khaki Sig/Saddle Carly: classic, less $$, holds a lot but is not huge, don't see too many of these, can get a matching accessory for total price of Lg Denim
    cons: ? pretty but not too "different" or "special (not in a bad way)
    #4 Sig Stripe Tote Crimson: pretty, more classic, matching agenda!, holds a lot, least money (can have tote & agenda for price of a med. carly), different (don't see a lot of them)
    cons: no zip closure, two straps
    #5 Sig Stripe Tote darker Blue: pretty, holds a lot, least money, different (don't see a lot of them)
    cons: no zip closure, two straps, no accessories to match

    A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for putting up with all of my posts on this topic and for all of your very helpful input, advice, encouragement!!! :kiss:THANK YOU!:dothewave:
    mdenimcarly.jpg lgdenimcarly.jpg saddlecarly.jpg crimsontote.jpg blue stripe.jpg
  2. I absolutely love the khaki and saddle carly. It looks great on you and you seem pleased with the size. Great colors to wear with just about anything.
  3. med denim carly!! though if it was me I would get the saddle, just easier to match clothing.
  4. is this a narrow it down to one? or 2? or 3? etccc
  5. Oh I was looking at that crimson tote on eBay right now. The same photo too! Is it yours?

    I LOVE the Khaki saddle carly, it will go with more things!
  6. I voted to keep the med. denim Carly!
    It looks the best on you!
  7. well, i love the medium denim carly and the blue sig stripe tote! i do think though that the khaki carly is more classic and will match with more things, etc, etc...

    i'm no help! they are all wonderful!
  8. No, it isn't mine, but I've been looking at that or the blue. I have the matching agenda to the Crimson Sig Stripe though!! :drool: Would make an awesome set!!!

    to all: I'd like your TOP CHOICE, but please feel free to rank them in order if you'd like.:p
  9. o ok just read rate them
    ok here it is

    1) Crimson i have the pink and it hasnt bothered me that its a dogleash closure i thought it would but it doesnt! cause most bags close the other way and so i think its fine to have a few that dont :smile:
    2) Medium denim carly
    3) med tan carly
    4)blue stripe
    5) Large denim carly (just looks a bit big on you and for it to cost the most and not be able to get any accessories or anything it doesnt seem worth it)
  10. You sick perv!!!! Oh!!!! My eyes hurt from all that beauty. I'd be on the run with all of them!!!!
  11. LOL...if I had the money to afford ALL of them, you bet I'd be keeping them ALL....EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here's my gut opinion:
    I'd LOVE to have the Crimson Sig Tote to match my agenda - GORGEOUS SET! (pros: matching agenda, pretty & different, but classic. cons: open on top; two straps...do they fall off the shoulder??)
    But...if not, I think I'd keep the Khaki Saddle Carly. (pros: classic, zip top. cons: more $$ than tote) The agenda COULD go with this, too, since they are both khaki signature print.!
  12. I think the large denim Carly looks fantastic on you, but I am voting for the medium signature Carly with saddle trim, as this also looks fantastic but probably has greater longevity (and you can wear it with more) than the denim. The medium denim looks too small, IMO, and the totes just aren't doing it for me. That's my two cents!
  13. Keep the Medium Carly.
  14. med khaki carly. i just got back from the boutique and in person i'm not as much of a fan of the denim or choc cotton as in pictures. i think it's also more classic.
  15. I say keep the khaki Carly...