Poll - Fendi B-bag vs. McQueen Elvie

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Fendi B-bag vs. McQueen Elvie?

  1. Fendi B-bag

  2. Alexander McQueen Elvie

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I would appreciate everyone's input! I just received a Fendi B-bag in the blue/black combo and am a bit on the fence. I also have a red patent Alexander McQueen Elvie on its way to me and have decided that I just can't keep both bags.

    I wanted a Fendi B-bag for AGES but am now thinking it's not the most timeless bag, whereas the Elvie has a cool punk/classic edge. Any input is appreciated! So which bag is the keeper?

    Fendi Blue/Black B-bag:


    Elvie in Red modeled by LeAnn Rimes:

  2. Of the two, I much prefer the Elvie - that red is TDF! :drool:
  3. I agree about that the McQueen makes more of a punk/classic statement, but I wasn't that crazy about it in patent. Then again I think I prefer softer patent leather for larger bags and the more structured look for clutches and shoes. I like the B-bags and they're a great structured "work" look, but if you like the punk/classic look or something with a little edge maybe the McQueen is the way to go. Or I also really like the east west B-bags.

    Or even a medium YSL Muse? YSL makes some other bags that I think are a little more edgy.
  4. I never love Fendi B-bag, but that Elvie red is a killer! McQueen Elvie hands down!
  5. I prefer the McQueen
  6. I prefer the second! It's HOT!
  7. I voted for the Fendi, but if you don't love it 100%, then get the other!
  8. I would seriously love to have that McQueen bag!
  9. I like the Fendi, myself.

    And what did LeAnne do to her face?
  10. the mcqueen is hot especially in the red!
  11. The Alexander McQueen Elvie is gorgeous...:tup:
  12. They're both pretty, but I voted for the Fendi B. I own a smaller Fendi B in the same color combo, and the blue is more vibrant IRL. I voted against the McQueen because I'm beginning to get tired of patent leather, and this looks like the kind of smooth patent that would attract lots of fingerprints. Plus, if I recall correctly, you've already got a bordeaux patent Jimmy Choo, don't you wickedassin??? Do you have any other blue bags?
  13. elvie!!!
  14. i'm so glad you found the mcqueen! i really love it, but can you wait until it arrives and then decide when you can compare them both in person?
  15. I was compelled to "jump" on the Fendi after I saw yours! :P And you're right--I do have the bordeaux patent JC Riki. :rolleyes: I "love" that bag but I've just really wanted a pop of color! Most of my bags are darker colors like black, chocolate brown.... And I've really been craving a RED bag!

    I know what you mean about the smooth patent attracting fingerprints. I checked out a black patent one the other night and it seemed to be relatively "fingerprint-proof"...

    I don't have a blue bag but I think if I ultimately get something in blue, I'd like something a little more like an electric blue--like this shade: