Poll: Fave Hermes Skin


What is your fave hermes skin?

  1. glazed croc

  2. matte croc

  3. ostrich

  4. lizard

  5. goat leather

  6. bull/calf leathers

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. (i'm re-posting this thread again, to include a poll. Vlad/Megs/Mods - kindly merge posts. thanks)

    considering all factors,

    maintenance level,
    WOW factor,

    which is your fave?
  2. Ostrich.:love: :love: :love:
  3. Matte croc for me!!:love:
  4. Matte croc in choco would be my dream bag!
  5. We're twins!! I didn't specify above, but that's my dream bag aswell !!Let's see who gets it first..!?! :lol: :lol: (Joke) not me for sure...:sad2:
  6. Oh, I would love to someday own a matte croc or lizard birkin, but I think that moment is still far far away..

    From now on I can settle down with box leather or chevre..

  7. Matte croc
  8. I want a black lizard Birkin 32 or 36 HAC sooooo bad. But I've heard that lizard only goes up to 30 because of the small size of the skins.:cry: But then again, I heard that from monte-carlo-babe, who we know can't be trusted :evil:
  9. LOL! Duna, I only wish it was me!!! :love: But if you go first, I want visitation rights!!! :lol::lol::lol:
  10. if only we could select more than one in the poll! lol
    i chose ostrich, but i love goat/bull/calf leather also!

    i'm not into croc yet, but i've only seen pictures, maybe if i see one in real life i'll fall in love!!
  11. I also love both ostrich and goat -- no crocs or lizard for me but like Diana, haven't seen IRL!
  12. Chevre is my very favorite attainable skin, ostrich would be my dream skin. In fuchsia!!!
  13. Ok, it's a deal..!!:lol: :lol: Maybe when I'm 80 and one of my kids will be a millionaire and generous enough to give me one...!! ;) :lol:
  14. I would love to have ostrich :love::love::love:

    and ...

    if my savings account allows, a matte croc in rouge VIF 25cm Kelly with palladium/ruthenium hardware :lol::lol::lol:
  15. Glazed croc!

    It's gorgeous to begin with, it wears better over time, and it just looks like royalty~ :love: