Poll~ Epi Pont Neuf Or Epi Jasmin*PICS!

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  1. I borrowed pictures from our "visual aids thread" I hope you girls do not mind. This was the only way I could get a clear reference as to wearing the bags.:yes:

    Pont Neuf or Jasmin? Thanks for all your votes!~ Ghost
    Wearing%20Pont%20Neuf2.jpg DSC09439small.jpg
  2. i have the Lilac Jasmin, so i'm biased. but i really do love the shape of the Jasmin; it's so clean and elegant
  3. I have a black jasmin that I love. I really like the shape of it. The pont neuf is cute, too, but the shape of the jasmin is more attractive to me.
  4. I like the shape of the Jasmin too. What color are you considering?
  5. I like the Jasmin!
  6. ^ Aren't they both elegant? I've never held a Jasmin IRL. I have bought the Pont Neuf as a gift. It was a lovely bag.
  7. Jasmin.:love:
  8. Thanks for your replies girls! I am doing a little research for my next bag...probably Lilac!:heart:
  9. Jasmin! I have it in Mandarin and it's GORGEOUS.
  10. yay! then we'll be Lilac Jasmin twinsies :biggrin:!
  11. I'm drooling thinking about that epi mandarin jasmin!
  12. My vote is the mandarin jasmine!
  13. I like the Jasmin :smile:
  14. Jasmin!
  15. I think I have to agree with you all! I will go Jasmin in the future! Thank you!:yes: