Poll: Does your bag decide your outfit...


Which factor decides your outfit for the day?

  1. My bag determines what I wear.

  2. What I wear determines my bag.

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  1. OR does your outfit decide your bag? I have this dilemma every friggin day. I need a stylist.

    I know it may be a different situtation every day but my question is which factor wins out more often?
  2. My bags rule my life...rofl..What else can I say...LMAO..............
  3. Yes, almost always!!!!!
  4. If I wear brown, I'll carry my brown Miu Miu coffer or Fendi zucca. If I wear black, I'll carry my black Fendi spy.
  5. Both...depends. When I get a new bag the bag ususally determines what I wear (like right now wearing a lot of denim since I just got the Baggy). After awhile I'll just change bags to match what I feel like wearing for the day.
  6. I switch my bags every day. Sometimes, I lay in bed the night before thinking...tomorrow I want to carry XXX bag...what outfit looks best with that bag?

    My husband thinks it a little crazy... but in a lovable way...I think!:yes:
  7. same here!
  8. Ooo good question, although it really depends whether I get a new bag and want to wear it a lot :biggrin:
  9. Does your bag decide your outfit...

    Absolutley !! My entire wardrobe is built around my bags !:p
  10. Well put. Same here.
  11. Same.
  12. What I wear determines which bag I carry that day unless I get too lazy to change my purse.
  13. A new bag will always determine what I wear that day (gotta show it off! :graucho:) but then after a while when I'm rotating the bags, it's the other way around.
  14. Well, I love bags, but first I think abpot outfit, and then bag matches it.
  15. my bag decides my outfit only when the bag is new and i can't wait to wear it. other than that, the outfit decides the bag.