Poll: Do you own a wristlet?

  1. 1. Which one(s)?
    2. When do you use it, and what do you carry in it? About how large is it?
    3. Are you happy with it? Does it serve its purpose well for you? Would you change anything about it, or go with something else in hindsight?

  2. 1. Coach wristlets
    2. I use it almost everyday, it is about 7 inches and i carry lip gloss, money, cell, little notes, mirror etc.
    3. Yes! I love them. I works great for me. Maybe i would make it a bit larger
  3. I have a four -Chanel, Gucci, LV and Chloe. They are all about 8 inches long. The gucci is the biggest one.
    I use it everyday. I carry money, lipgloss, Treo, hand wipes and keys.
    I love them. I buy the longer ones as you can fit more into them. Not a big fan of the small square ones.
  4. I own 5 of the square Coach wristlets - I think they are 6.5 x 4 inches. Can fit a decent amount in them - money, credit cards, cellphone, keys, lip gloss.

    I also own 2 of the Coach framed wristlets that are a little bigger and can fit more.
  5. I have a Coach legacy wristlet. It is very handy and can carry a checkbook, cash, cards, a lipstick and mascara, and more. I keep it in a bigger bag and take it out for errands and the like. It is handy for things like outlet shopping, when I don't want a bigger bag slipping off a shoulder or lose one arm to carrying it.
  6. I have the White MC Wapity, and I used it today for fireworks night. I didn't fancy carrying a huge bag so I just carried that instead with my phone, i-pod and tissues inside. It's great for just nipping out to places when you don't want to take a whole bag, but you need something to carry the essentials.
  7. I have a Coach khaki signature one. Haven't used it in years. But since seeing this thread may have to blow the dust off.
  8. The only wristlet I own is the coach poppy one. I went through a lot of trouble to get it last spring as Coach is not easy to come by in Europe and I think I've used it once :rolleyes:
  9. Lots of Coac wristlets. I have my digicam in there wehn we go out and I don't want to carry a bag.
  10. Mree43: I am looking for a wristlet to carry a treo and a little cash. Of yours, which do you prefer?

    Also may be a dumb question, but do you wear it on your wrist or carry it like a clutch?
  11. ^^I was just about to ask this question as well! I have one coach and I keep my mj key pouch, phone, and ipod. But I'm looking to expand. Anyone have picts of theirs?
  12. I have a black coach wristlet, I use it to hold my favorite debit card and my military ID for quick access instead of opening my wallet to take those two out. Sometimes I carry my singles 1$ bills in there. I love it, I want some more in different colors.
  13. Am I the ONLY PFer that doesn't own a wristlet?
  14. I have 3 or 4 Coach wristlets. I use one in my work bag to carry my feminine unmentionables in. Another one, in a nice cushy bordeaux suede, is perfect for my digital camera.
  15. I have 4 Coach wristlets and I only use them when I go out to a club. I just need some $$ my ID, debit card, lipgloss and gum.