Poll: Do you or would you carry your Damier bags in summer?


Damier in summertime?

  1. No, its too dark for summer.

  2. Yes, Damier is appropriate for all seasons.

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  1. Thanks for voting :heart:
  2. Yes! : )
  3. Absolutely!!!! I love my Damier Speedy and will wear it all year!
  4. Most Definitely!
  5. definitely!!
  6. of course I would.
  7. I would definitely use my Damier during the summer months! IMO brown is one of the most versatile colours, it will go with almost anything.
  8. Yes, definitely!
  9. I think I will too. I don't love using my mono speedy in summer b/c I feel like I'm sweating all over the vachetta and making it uneven!
  10. Wow, am I the only one who thinks it's too dark....I was just thinking my poor hampstead is going to sit for at least 5 or 6 months!
  11. Of course! I got my Speedy when it came out last summer and carried it to Disneyland..all it needed was one of my Inclusion Speedy keyrings in one of the lighter colors and it was perfect.
  12. It's a gorgeous classic that goes for all seasons!! Also, you can carry it during rainy seasons (summer) and not worry about the vachetta too much!
  13. YES, Absolutely !!!
  14. If I had damier, then yes, I would carry it at times in the summer.
  15. I don't think its too dark, but perhaps too serious? for summer. I prefer mono or lighter colours.