Poll: do you have/need/use rain boots?

  1. I have admired some cute ones lately, but am not sure I'd wear them. For sure, it definitely does stink when it rains here in the city though since I have to walk everywhere. Opinions?
  2. I have a lovely pair of chocolate brown ones, with Authentic Thermolite and Genuine Zipper Technology, from the auspicious and venerable House of Isotoner-Totes, that I wear when it rains.

    It is my considered opinion that some sort of rainboot, whether standalone footwear, as mine are, or something made to be worn over one's shoes, is a very prudent practice for those who do not wish to ruin their shoes, since in so many parts of the world, rain is wet.
  3. Rain boots are a must for shopping in downtown Seattle half of the year. I bought these Me Too boots from Nordstrom last night. I love the red. I wish they made a knee-high pair in black in the same style.

  4. ^^^ love those!
  5. shoeangel, very nice!

    I don't have rainboots but I am not practical. (I used velvet Prada knee boots as snowboots freshmen year in college. Hey, it was my mom's idea! :nuts:) I do love Pucci rainboots though....

    What I do is try not to wear my more delicate shoes in the rain. (I have a pair of neutral black satin pumps I destroyed one night when I was pissed at my now-ex; I walked around in the rain for awhile, soaking wet. Those are now my "rain" and "snow" shoes.)
  6. I commute to work in NYC every day which involves about 2 miles of walking per day round trip before I even factor in any after work activities. I love, love, love my Pucci rainboots. I was reluctant to buy at first but I don't think that I have ever been happier with a footwear purchase. I have really poor circulation and am prone to frostbite but have found that short of Sorel's (which I have refused to wear ever since I left the backwoods of New Hampshire the day after I graduated from high school, hoping to never see another Sorel or another moose again) nothing keeps my feet as warm and dry as a pair of rainboots coupled with extra-thick Sox in the winter and light-weight Sox in the summer. Warm, dry feet make me SO happy. I am extra happy when my warm dry feet are wearing Pucci since bright colors and patterns always make me smile. I am a kid at heart like that.
  7. i have white coach ones that have blue bubbles all over them. and coral and a couple fish. they are really cute and make me happy (and DRY) when it rains:smile:
  8. I have a pair of navy pair of Hunter wellies, which are perfect for the Vancouver rain (I attached a pic of Kate wearing them at Glastonbury, although mine don't get that muddy). ;)

  9. My sister has those!
  10. I've seen those and almost bought them but I would never wear them. The are very cute.

    Do you keep an extra pair of shoes with you and them switch them out? I couldn't see wearing rain boots all day.
  11. This is exactly what I've always wondered. I would love to have cute rain boots, but this would DEFINITELY involve carrying my work shoes in a bag!
  12. I sometimes carry my work shoes in a bag but since I frequently have dance class after work, my bag is sometimes jammed with dance clothes/shoes and I don't have room for work shoes. I leave a couple pairs of versatile shoes - one pair of black flats and one pair of black heels - in my office for situations like this. Actually I have four or five pairs here now including a pair of comfy slippers for when I work late nights alone and a pair of strappy heeled sandals left from the summer. They just accumulate here. I have LOTS of shoes so keeping a few pairs here works great for me.
  13. i wear my nokia hai boots (yes there are nokia boots :lol: nothing to do with phones though) a lot in copenhagen, it keeps raining all the time! my feet will be the driest part of me a lot of the time..
  14. I have the pink burberry rain boots and I love them. Not only are they adorable, they also keep my feet dry. I love having rain boots for when it rains out.
  15. I have 2 pairs of wellingtons (or gumboots as we call it here), but they're kept at my family's farm where i actually need them. I don't wear them here in Sydney even when it's pissing down buckets of water because they make me feel a bit too over the top... i stick to patent leather shoes or patent leather ankle boots, i like the boots shoeangel got, i think they're lovely.
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