POLL: Do you feel that you are treated differently when carrying your LV bag?

POLL: Do you feel you are treated differently when carrying an LV Bag?

  • Yes, I notice I am treated with more respect as a customer.

  • No, I didn't notice any difference than carrying a bag from Wal*Mart.

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Nov 2, 2011
Today was the first day I used by new LV bag and wallet! I loved it!! It is kind of stressful being constantly aware of how I handle the bag (vachetta handles / speedy 35b), but the strap is helping because I don't have to handle the handles too much. The strap is awesome, I used it all day and night. It came in handy at the cash register while paying, and while looking through clothes on the rack, etc.

Anyway, I felt like the usually seemingly-snobbish clerks in the shoppes treated me "better."

What is your experience? Did/do you notice any difference? It's not just me, yes I feel great about carrying a gorgeous bag, but I felt it was them who was different.


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
I think it depends where you are when you're carrying LV--and which bag you're carrying. If people aren't into LV they might not notice it but where I live my bags always seem to get glances or stares--at work, at the mall, wherever. And lately it's the ebene bags, not even the mono ones!

I think SA's in general know designer bags/clothing and tend to treat customers differently according to what they're wearing/carrying. The last time I went to Coach I was carrying my mon mono -not even thinking- and one of the SA's yelled "Where's your new bucket bag????" (a Coach classic re-release I had just purchased) --a little offended:lol: Unfortunately I ended up returning that particular bag the next week but he wasn't there thank God!

I think the SA's do treat you differently when you're carrying LV.


Jul 29, 2009
My only LV bag is damier ebene which many non-fans don't even recognize. Plus I don't dress up much, especially on weekends when I'm running errands, so I wonder if some who do recognize it think it's fake based on 'the rest of the package'.

I've only had one comment in the five months I've had the bag and that was from a friend that has a large collection of vintage LV and knew I'd wanted one for a long time before I got it.

I haven't been back to LV since I got it, but I imagine that is one place where you would be treated better if you were carrying LV.
Mar 31, 2011
My husband notices other women looking at my bags. He will make a comment to me. But I guess I'm just going through life with my head in the clouds, as I look at others LV but don't realize they are looking at my bag~! Make sense?


Jun 17, 2008
no, i don't notice any difference or looks when i'm out but 1.) i only have LV bags now, i sold everything else off so i don't have anything to compare it to and 2.) i'm in my late 40's, at this point in my life i feel confident about who i am and what i have.


Aug 2, 2010
I notice this when I am at the LV store. They give me better service when I am wearing an LV bag. Sad but true. I wish all customers would be treated the same.


~Boy Addicted to LV~
Sep 3, 2007
tPF @ Louis Vuitton
I definitely notice the superior service/attention that I get when I am carrying an LV bag. When I am carrying an LV, or wearing LV clothes, I notice the sales people try their hardest to get me to buy what I am in the store looking at. I like being treated well when I go out shopping, or when I am eating in a restaurant, but it shouldn't happen only because I am carrying an expensive bag.


Jan 22, 2011
Katy Tx
I definitely got more help at the LV boutiques in Saks and Neimans yesterday . I was using my artsy but in Khaki shorts and an old navy polo and reef flip flops . Now granted I had my artsy, Chanel sunglasses on and my daily jewelry ( rolex,tennis bracelet ,diamond studs, and new diamond wedding bands !)
But it was nice to be helped !!


Sep 27, 2009
Because I always carry LV, I wouldn't know the difference. However, my husband, the eagle-eye, has commented that salespeople in NM always glance at my handbag. If that's the case, it probably happens everywhere.

I know the SAs look as I've heard them make comments about peoples bags.

I think salespeople are attuned to signs of (perceived) affluence.


Dec 1, 2011
Woodbury, MN
When I carry any of my Louis Vuitton bags I get glances and stares but I don't really notice it too much. I usually get the most attention when I am carry one of my Chanel bags like my 2.55. That gets me the most attention. They treat me as if I'm Kim Kardashian herself. :P
I don't really get a lot of attention from strangers if I'm carrying a Chloe bags or Balenciaga bags unless they're store clerks and strangers that are bagaholics like me.