Poll : Do you ever find yourself attracted to a certain color spectrum?

  1. If so, what is it? For me, it's all about the earthy colors... in relation to handbags that is. Thanks to the lovely ladies of TPF and my darling SA, the interior of my purse is now a kaleidscope of colors. However when it comes to the exterior, I find myself gravitating to gentle earth tones. Ebene, chocolate, etoupe have all captured my heart. And let's not forget natural chamonix & rose beige... What beckons the rest of the board?
  2. Oh dear......I think I'm swimming in the same pool as you, H_L!!!! I may have to venture out into some brights for a Karo Cluth PM though.....and maybe one of those cutey pencil cases!!!!
  3. I'm always, always bright! lol! That's what attracted me to Juicy Coutures first, the bright colors made me quite happy! Then I found the rainbow of Hermes and :love:

    I think the closest to a black bag that I've ever owned was one that had pale pink detailing; outside of that, I've never owned a bag in a neutral color >_>

    Oh and I have a mad passion for hot pink! My fave color!! :biggrin:
  4. Greens are my weekness, especially when they are bright.
    I'm especially totally in love with vert anis, which I would buy in swift, croc, lizard (I'd love to have one bag for each one of these leather).
    I also like very much chartreuse and feuillage, and there's a quite dark forest green also that I love.
  5. I stick with the basics: black or gold (except for the toile mix). But, I went out on a limb today and bought a fuschia ostrich bearn wallet! yippee! and also a baby blue twilly with the sweetest purple balloons that look like blueberries. aside from venturing into vert anis (if it actually happens, I'm being steered away) it's always black or gold, gold or black in some form or the other. I just couldn't go with red. Committment-phobe? Maybe!:smile:
  6. Earth Tones, plus oranges and greens. And black, too! :smile:
    Not into the reds and pinks as much at this point. Those would be "icing" bags. But I do consider my Rouge H a neutral.
  7. Yes, I have.....was attracted at first to the rouges, then bought browns and black. I love Rouges visually, but just do not reach for them as often.

    But, whenever I catch my breath over a picture of a piece, it's inevitably rouge or brown *sigh*
  8. I think I am still experimenting with the colours that I really like. I am happy with the colours I have .... but nothing stops me from imagining myself owning another colour. Whenever I see a colour/bag that appeals to me, either here or on eBay or on a couple of Japanese resellers' sites, I will try to save a picture of that and look at it for days and days. Only then will I be able to decide if it's for me, or not at all. Quirky, but that's me :shame:
  9. I love earth colors and blue!!!!! got so many blue clothes and bags of course..
  10. blues in every shade,
    my evelyne 2 is bj, but my birkin is in black.
    before tPF, i only used monochromatic accessories to match my bag.
    i'd have all shades of blue, including turquoise, or all black or all LV.
    since tPF, my tastes have changed to all colors of the rainbow in accessories.
    what a difference a forum makes!
  11. For some reason I lean towards blues on any bags I buy, not sure why. Blue bags just seem to make me happy for some reason.:confused1:
  12. Pink and cyclamen all the way ... And also turquoise and cobalt blue.
  13. Whites, reds, browns & greens.
  14. I think I love them all :love:

    I try to have at least one Black or Chocolate colored bag. I love blue and green colors too and I'm a huge sucker for them! And I always find room for a red bag somewhere along the road.
  15. Love everything but I'm especially drawn to blues, reds, potiron and browns. :love: