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brand spankin' new, do you care?

  1. Must be from the back and unwrapped!

  2. It's okay if it's on the floor as long as it's not in a horrible condition

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  1. if your bag is a brand new one or on display?

    it just occurred to me that some customers don't care, but a lot surprisingly do.

    but when i sell scarves, wallets, umbrellas...especially gloves...no one seems to care?

    what about you?

    and if you do, why? or why not if you don't...
  2. Honestly it's never mattered to me as long as it doesn't look like crap. I was just at Saks however and I prefer new bags from there because I picked up a MJ bag and something fell off so lord knows what else goes on.
  3. I prefer brand new...but if I have to get something off the floor, as long as it looks good (no marks or anything), I'm ok with it.
  4. I dont care as long as it looks new.
  5. For me, buying Coach is a fairly big deal. I don't have a lot of money and so it's a splurge and a treat for me. Because of that, I prefer to get a brand new bag from the back. If I'm going to be spending (for me) a lot of money, I guess I'd rather have one that I know is in perfect condition. If I were just buying a keychain or charm, I wouldn't care, though.
  6. I am just a little paranoid, I guess, but it has to be new out of the package for me. With a floor model, who knows how many times the zipper has been pulled, how many times the turnlock has been played with, who had what (lotion, grease from lunch, etc.) on their hands when they picked it up, and how many times it fell on the floor.

    Oh, and I feel the same way about accessories, including keychains, scarves, wristlets and anything else. When I ask for a new one and if I feel odd or like they think it is odd, I follow up by saying it is a gift, so it has to be brand new!
  7. I rather it be out of the package. I brought my LV denim mini pleaty in the summer and the SA gave me the display model. When I got home I realized that it looked old, so I took it back and when she compared the straps the display model was darker than the new model. So, she gave me a new one.
  8. i'm not overly picky...i would prefer a new one, but i won't complain if i can't get that, you know?
  9. If it's the last one left, and the only alternative is that floor model or nothing, I'll take the floor model as long as it isn't trashed. :smile: I've done that more than once at Coach stores.
  10. What M Harvey said. The last Art OP bag I got was the floor model. It was the last Art OP in the store...
  11. if I'm buying from the boutique, then i'm paying boutique prices so if possible I want my items brand spankin new.
  12. Doesn't really matter to me :smile:
  13. I definitely prefer bags straight from the stockroom. I don't like the idea of buying a supposedly new bag that has already been fondled around by other customers.
  14. I didn't think it mattered to me until I went to purchase a charm at Coach this evening. I made sure that it didn't come from the floor, and then I realized that it does matter.
  15. I shop from the outlets only soo.......hehe. As long as it looks clean and no defects, I'll take it!
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