Poll: Different coffers....your opinions....

  1. I have ordered my brown suede coffer on line at NM and it's back ordered till Nov.20...which I am still waiting....

    But after reading what nypersonalshopper has posted about different coffers (thanks nypersonalshopper!!!!:wlae: ), I browsed NM website again and fell in love w/ the other two coffers that are new~

    I have included pix w/ this post....so please take a look and tell me what you think! I think the nutmeg is beautiful and the black patent leather is sexy!

    But I still think the suede is the prettiest....just that I live in San Diego where it's mostly warm or hot...and suede might be hard to take care of....

    Your honest opinions would help~! Thanks...everyone!!!

    Pix source: NM website....
    coffer black patent.jpg coffer brown suede.jpg coffer nutmeg leather.jpg
  2. ^^ Another fellow SD PFer! :wlae: Make sure you post pix when the brown suede comes! I personally like the original black leather... it's perfect for our weather here and you can use it all year long. I haven't ordered anything yet, probably have to wait until after Christmas... :crybaby:
  3. I am thinking about changing it to Nutmeg....it's leather so it's easy to take care of, all year long use(not just fall, and winter..) and it's so beautiful....

    And it's in stock for now!!! I do not have to wait!

    And Discobunnie, nice to meet you, sunny san diego tPFer!!! :smile:

    I like the black leather too, it's so pretty, but I just bought a Chanel Modern Chain Hobo bag in black....so I don't wanna buy two black bags in a month.....but if I haven't bought that Chanel bag....i would go for the black, too!
  4. they're all gorgeous but I think I preferred the black!:yes:

    I miss San Diego:cry:
  5. thanks swanky! :heart:

    Come and visit~! Even though it's November..the weather's just amazing here......
  6. I know! Where are you there?
    We lived in the UTC/Renaissance are just outside La Jolla, near PF Changs.
  7. that's not that far from where I live.....:yes: I live at carmel mountain ranch area...very residential....:smile: very quite and very family oriented neighborhood.......

    I like the UTC area too..good for shopping! :smile:
  8. i like the black leather the most...but doesnt seem like its one of your choices!
  9. Love the brown suede, but in SD it might not be as practical as the others. Personally, I'm not fond of black patent anything--JMO. The nutmeg is very pretty, but I'd want to see it in person. Wait till you get the brown suede and see what you think.
  10. Thanx for putting the pix up. I have the brown leather and I was wondering what the nutmeg looks like. The nutmeg is a few shades lighter than the brown which is a deep, rich brown. Love my brown.:love: The patent leather is really cute n' youthful. It's makin' me think of the PowerPuff Girls! Like, something they'd carry to match their little Mary Jane shoes. Well, Bubbles would carry it. Blossom might carry a briefcase and Buttercup... I dunno. Buttercup MIGHT carry the patent leather coffer. Then again, she might carry something from Betsey Johnson or a Triple5Soul.
  11. I like them all, but for me, I'd choose the black patent leather. I love patent leather, I live in Maryland where it would be appropriate for most of the year, and it seems to "fit" the shape of the bag.

    But, honestly, I'd be happy to own any of the colors you listed. Let us know what you decide. You can't go wrong with any of them.