Poll: Denim Zippy or LVOE PM Tote


Denim Zippy or LVOE Tote PM

  1. Denim Zippy

  2. LVOE Tote 2 PM in Khaki

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm leaving for San Diego tomorrow for 10 days and I'm debating between these 2.......I keep going back and forth. Please give me some advice!!! I want to get either one while I'm there. Thank you in advance!! :smile:
  2. Oh get the Denim Zippy! It's cool and useful.:flowers:
  3. I would get the Denim Zippy -- the zippy wallets are great and super useful and the denim zippy is super cute with the yellow leather interior. And I think it is a better value for the amount of money that either the wallet or tote costs.
  4. mm i think go fro the zippy wallet. So cute and functional. I am thinking about gettin a zippy myself in the next few days.
  5. i voted denim zippy.
  6. None of the above. Save for the black Denim Cabby:graucho:. Honestly I'm not sure how well the Denim Zippy will hold up as a wallet. If you have to buy something get the LVOE PM.
  7. Love tote
  8. denim zippy!!!!
  9. Denim Zippy
  10. Love tote vote here! ;)
  11. Not a fan of the denim zippy...quite pricey for a wallet, I'd go for the Love tote between those two.
  12. I hope my city treats you well.

    My vote is for the denim zippy.