Poll: Day or Twiggy in Red 07??


Day or Twiggy??

  1. Day

  2. Twiggy

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  1. So, I returned Lilac Oval Clutch. Color was really pretty, but clutch wasn't for me. Anyway, I decided to buy a Red B-Bag, but not sure which style to get. FYI, I have Aqua Part Time with GH, Vert D'eau City, and White Classic.

    Everyone's opinions appreciated!!!:yes:
  2. i like the twiggy :heart:
  3. rouge 07 twiggy!!! :love:
  4. Twiggy in RED is so HOT!!!
  5. I personally bought a Day in Vermillion today. But of course, I've been meaning to get a Day bag for the longest time.

    The twiggy looks cute too. It depends on your needs. More room for stuff, or not. Have fun! Vermillion is a BEAUTIFUL color!:yes:
  6. twiggy!
  7. I voted for the Twiggy. The color looks very edgy in that style.
  8. I vote for the day bag
  9. I voted Day.
  10. Twiggy! It's really cute in 2007 red.
  11. I voted Twiggy! Let us know what you decide...
  12. Another vote for Twiggy...

    I LOVE that style, and a red twiggy would be soooo amazing!
  13. Twiggy! :yes:
  14. Twiggy :yes:
  15. It seems like Twiggy is winning :smile:
    I like the shape of the Twiggy a lot. Day is great, because it's a shoulder bag, which I love.....but I remember someone saying things can get lost easily in Day bag since it's really deep......that makes me worry a bit!