Poll: damier baby pap or mono mini pochette acc.?


damier mini papillon or mono pochette acessories?

  1. damier mini papillon

  2. mono pochette accessories with the brass chain

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  1. Can you help me decide between these two small accessories pouches?

    damier mini papillon

    mono pochette accessories w/ the brass chain


    I have only 2 bags, the damier and mono speedy 30's if that makes a difference.
  2. mono pochette accessories w/ the brass chain
  3. the damier mini pap would be soo cute!
  4. the damier mini pap is so cute, and lots more roomy than the pochette.
  5. I like the mongram pochette.
  6. i have both.....mini pochette is def more practical for anything.... baby pap is cute but it's hard to use it for anything, mine has been sitting in the closet for years!!!!!

    i use Damier MAMA pap only when it rains anymore...!
  7. ummm.......damier mini pochette? mono baby pap??? i like them the other way around............
  8. I prefer the mini pochette, just because of the chain. It's so charming.
  9. mono pochette accessories w/ the brass chain
  10. I think the Damier mini pap is only available with the purchase of the papillon 30.
  11. Def mono pochette. I love Damier, but not sure about that particular bag style. The pochette is just too cute.
  12. I love the mono mini pochette, so cute!
  13. I have a mono mini pap but I would go for the mini pochette.
  14. i LOVE my mono mini!!!