Poll: Coco Cabas Black Vinyl....YAY or NAY?

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  1. Hi, ladies......(I have spelled Poll correct this time....last time I spelled it Pole..and you have no idea how embarassed I was.....:sweatdrop: )

    This poll is about chanel coco cabas in black vinyl(in large size)....I have seen it in alot of ads and on Kate Moss..and looked very stylish......:drool: it looked to die for...

    Since I have already purchased Modern Chain Hobo this month...I cannot get it in leather...too expensive.....

    But the vinyl one is 995.....pretty inexpensive for a Chanel.....
    And somewhat the vinyl one looks very very stylish....

    But my friends are strongly encouraging me NOT to get it..since it's vinyl....
    And either just forget about it or save up more for a leather one....

    What do you chanel mania ladies out there think about this bag? Has anyone seen it IRL?
    My buddies say that it doesn't look as nice IRL as in those ads....
    Opinions and help appreciated~!;)
    chanel_coco_cabas.jpg chanel_coco_cabas_kate.jpg
  2. I'm sorry but I think it looks like a big shiny garbage bag in the vinyl. I'd rather have the small coco in yummy leather.
  3. ITA.:yes:
  4. do you guys know how much is the baby cabas?
  5. $1795
  6. The Vinyl one is pretty impossible to obtain, and I would say no because and although it is a Chanel, it looks rather 'fake'. My boss says it looks trashy.

    Baby cabas in leather is definitely the way to go. That's definitely a TDF item!
  7. I say yay - I really think they are edgy.
  8. I think it's one of those bags that either look fantasticly edgy or look like a trashbag, as Smoothoprter put it.

    I tried it on and decided that I couldn't pull it off. I think I need at least 3 extra inches and 10 fewer pounds. :P
  9. NAY

    it doesn't look classy enough
  10. ITA:yes: . However, you MUST be able to pull it off! Not too many people can...
  11. I love mine! Its so hip and fun. I get so many compliments. Once you get out the door with it the first time - you won't want to leave it again. It has a phone pocket, another inside open pocket, a zipper pocket and an attached pouch. Its very light as opposed to so many leather bags.

    Neimans has it on the cover of a recent small catalog. (Code ACF06 - Item #1)
  12. I love it! wish I had one myself but am sure I could never find one!
  13. Honestly, this is what all the SAs at my NM say too...
  14. When I first saw the ad I thought it might be patent, was so disappointed to find out it is vinyl. My SA was not impressed w/ it @ all.

    I am on the weight list for the "baby Cabas" in Khaki. The vinyl is just too trendy.
  15. I don't like it..............................
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