Poll: Chanel or Ferragamo


Chanel or Ferragamo

  1. Chanel

  2. Ferragamo

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  1. Okay, you guys .... here are pics of the Chanel shoulder bag I was telling you about. I've also included pics of my gold small tote for size comparison. So the question is: Do I keep the Chanel shoulder bag or the Ferragamo Gancio shoulder bag.
    This is what the Ferragamo looks like. I have it on hold in black.
    Here is the black Chanel shoulder bag.




  2. Don't know what happened. Didn't mean to post last two pics twice. I meant to post this pic.
  3. i like the chanel tote stlye and the goldish color. Very pretty.
  4. I voted ferragamo . (I am a bit bias hehehe).
  5. LOVE the ferragamo. The Chanel shape is boring compared.
  6. Ferragamo hands down :biggrin:
  7. So hard...both are so pretty!tho I love the silverish(?) chanel but I guess this one time I will say Ferragamo, it has an interesting and pretty shape!
  8. I vote for the Ferragamo!
  9. I love the Chanel, but that Ferragamo is so eye-catching :love:
  10. I vote for the Ferragamo! It's so beautiful and distinct!
  11. I have to go with the Ferragamo although I like both.
  12. For me, it's definitely the Ferragamo. The Chanel is too big and boxy for my tastes. I think the Ferragamo Gancio Marisa is much more interesting in general than this particular Chanel.
  13. I voted for the Ferragamo. I adore Chanel, but the Gancio is just too beautiful to pass up!! How often does Ferragamo make an absolutely sumptuous bag like this!
  14. I love the Chanel.
  15. I vote for Ferragamo's Gancio. I think Chanel's shoulder bag is too squarish (just me).

    Kat, I try to be in your shoes. I like variety in handbags. Gancio's shape is feminine and very different from your currently owned Chanel small tote. PLUS! However, the color is also gold & you already have a gold Chanel bag. Would you consider another color for Gancio? -)