Poll: Chanel J12 Which do you pick?


Chanel J12 Which one do you pick?

  1. Black with Ruby marker in 33mm

  2. Black with Ruby marker in 38mm

  3. White with Diamond marker in 33mm

  4. White with Diamond marker in 38mm

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  1. I'm planing to finally buy Chanel J12 watch, but don't know which one? I know I like the diamond marker one, but not sure which size (33mm or 38mm) and which color(black w/ruby or white w/diamond). Currently I have Rolex Silver datejust(small ladies size), Cartier Tank F in combination color(small size), Cartier Pasha(about 35mm with black croc band), Chopard Happy diamond(small ladies size, with pink band), and Hermes clipper chrono orange face(38mm).

    So, I don't have black or white watch....so either can work I suppose....would love to know your opinions TIA!!:flowers:
  2. I voted white with diamond marker, that's what I have. I also have it in black too. When I was choosing my black J12, I considered the ruby markers, but as pretty as they are, I felt they didn't show up as much as I wanted them too. The diamond markers just really stood out, so I choose those.
  3. The white just pops on the J12, and I went for the 38mm, as I love the almost manly look to the face which is then softened by those gorgeous diamonds.

    So thats my vote ;)
  4. ^i agree with chloe babe, get the white 38mm! did you see the white with diamonds and pink sapphires?? that is my dream watch right now!
  5. I had the white 33mm w/diamond markers, but exchanged it for the white 38mm w/diamond markers. The 38mm has so much more "wow" factor than the 33mm because everything is magnified and the details are clearly visible. I also love the second hand and the fact that the 38 is automatic.
  6. I have the 38 in white with diamond markers and love it to pieces. Go for the 38, it looks totally fab!
  7. I went through this exercise a few months ago. Picked the 33mm white with diamond markers, received it, and decided I wanted the 38mm size instead. Jenn talked me into it. LOL. So I blame her! But I love the white with diamonds.

    I got this for our 7th wedding anniversary coming up in November, but I couldn't wait, so DH let me cheat and start to wear it early. LOL. Now I want another! The white with pink sapphires is TDF! I wanted the black 38mm with ruby markers, until I saw the pink! WOW! Too bad the price is also a wow. LOL. I think I will have to wait for a really big event to justify to DH that I need this watch. I already used the excuse that to make sure I don't get the 7 year itch, I need the J12. LOL. Does 8th wedding anniversary signify anything?

    Anyway, I vote white 38 with diamond markers.
  8. i love 33mm with diamond marker in WHITE :heart:
  9. Thanks ladies! Seems like white is winning, now question is which size....but I like the idea of Automatic....
  10. I LOVE the 38mm in white. I love mine so I voted white. Its very versatile and despite its size, very comfortable to wear.
  11. I took a poll here recently and most said to go for the white, so I did! I tend to wear mostly black and dark colors so going with white was a big step for me. I have to say that I just LOVE it! Thanks everyone! I bought the 33mm with diamond markers. I tried on the black, but when I looked in the mirror it didn't seem to stand out as much as the white. I also liked that the white had a softer look than the black.

    As far as size, I would try on both and see which one looks better on your wrist; and the one you feel most comfortable wearing. At first, I really liked the black with ruby markers but they tended to blend in more than the ones with the diamonds. The white is extremely durable and easy to clean so don't let that be a factor in deciding. It was for me initially, but the SA reassured me I have nothing to worry about.

    Take your time and compare the watches a few times. Sleep on it for a bit and the one that you are thinking about the most will be the right one for you.
  12. definitely the 38mm in white! plus it's automatic :tup: I have pretty tiny wrists and I love the look of a big watch :heart:
  13. I've seen/try the white with diamond markers (38mm) with automatic, it's so gorgeous! I love it...definitely a white for me coz it's their signature watch!

    Btw, i love BIG face watches....most of my watches/rolex are all big faces.:love::flowers:
  14. I agree! I like the 38 mm better and love how it's automatic. I voted 38 mm white. :yes:

    I'd settle for ANY J12 though lol. :shame:
  15. i know the majority choose 38mm. I would love to get 38mm if it looks good on me too. Because it is automatic. However, I have tiny wrist. Less than 5.5 inches. I think the 38 mm face is actually wider than my wrist. So....I choose 33mm in both color.
    I love the white one so much, but the black one fits my style better.
    You wont go wrong with either one, J12 is a wonderful watch.