POLL: Chanel Black Caviar Flap GHW - Buy both Jumbo and M/L ?

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POLL: Chanel Black Caviar Flap GHW - Buy both Jumbo and M/L ?

  1. Yes: Chanel Black Caviar Flap GHW - Buy both Jumbo and M/L.

  2. No: They are the same bags just different sizes.

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    Would you buy the following both bags, or do you think they are the same bags and I should not buy both?

    - Chanel Black Caviar Flap GHW - Jumbo for daytime.
    - Chanel Black Caviar Flap GHW - M/L for evening or special occasion.

    I do not want to "babysit" lambskin.
    I personally love the GHW than SHW because it is more dressy in my eyes.
    I do not want to buy a flap in gold/silver color for evening because I am afraid of color transfer.
    I do not like patent.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. If you could afford and love both, then why not? :P Many ladies on here have both.
  3. Thanks MissSusan! Just trying to get all of your expert opinions. Thank you.
  4. If you have the budget, then buy both.. :smile:
  5. I say buy what you love!
    The different sizes are for different occasions so it makes sense to me.
  6. Buy both if you can. Why not? Also you can use your black jumbo for evenings as its roomier. Yes it's bigger but I love the size ;)

    Ps. I've seen women use their jumbos to clubs, dinner etc and It looks great IMO :smile:
  7. Well my dear, I strongly feel you should buy the m/l in lambskin and perhaps in the opposite color hardware, so SHW. My reasoning is simple. I feel a collection should have as much diversity as possible. These are classic basic pieces and I think in years to come, you will appreciate the variety. We all favor certain 'looks' at different phases of our life. I now appreciate some choices that I made years ago, more so in recent years :smile:
    If your budget and collection allows you to have one of each in every size and hardware then of course duplicate!
    If you are in your initial years of collecting, I say diversity all the way!
    Just my opinion!
  8. Thanks balen.girl. No I do not have unlimited budget and I only want to buy two flaps this year (day and evening). That is the problem. :sad:
  9. Thanks Momo0. I thought so too. I originally wanted Black lambskin M/L for evening and Black Caviar Jumbo for daytime. But I owned the lambskin for two days and I could see little "scratches!!!" just by holding it in my hands. OMG! So I cannot handle the "gorgeous" lambskin any more. :sad:
  10. Thanks *bubs! If I can use the black jumbo for evenings too, that would be great! Thanks for a great idea. I did not want to spend money on the beautiful clutches etc. because I think the classic flaps will hold value better for the future. I really like the way I can hold the M/L size as a clutch if I want. Jumbo size looks awesome in the daytime. The M/L is so light that sometimes I want that option (jumbo caviar is heavy due to chain weight). That was my reasoning for one Jumbo and one M/L (limit two bags for now). Thanks!
  11. Would you elaborate on " baby sit lamb skin " ,
    I am so torn with keeping the just mademoiselle lamb skin bag and as karma would have it read your post. Thanks.

    BTW, I agree with another tpfer that if $ are not a concern I see great use for both bags. However as we know, these bags are such a personal decision .
  12. Thanks Pursebop! Here is my whole "dramatic" story:
    - Two Bags: I wanted one classic flap for daytime, and one for evening or special occasion. I do not want to spend on clutches because I feel that classic flaps will hold values in the future.
    - Daytime Option: I ordered the Black Caviar Jumbo GHW from a prominent department store (recently). It was so horribly "dull" and "lifeless" that I now reordered this at an original Chanel boutique instead (shiny Caviar). I love this bag as long as the Caviar is deep black and shiny (like the sample Chanel boutiques showed me). Waiting for it to arrive any day.
    - Evening Option (Lambskin): I LOVE the Black Lambskin M/L GHW. I bought it and owned it for two days. Just by taking the "gorgeous and pristine" bag in and out of the box, I could see tiny "scratches". OMG! Two Chanel SAs told me that this lambskin would age faster even though it looked beautiful in the beginning. That scared me so much that I could not "babysit" that "super gorgeous" bag any more. :sad:
    - Evening Option (Patent): I have seen the Black Patent in real life and I could not handle the finger prints. I got the silvery light beige patent and loved it. But after reading about possible color transfer on light patent, I was too afraid to keep it.
    - Love both M/L and Jumbo: I really want to have one M/L for evening. I love the lightness of M/L and that I can carry it as a clutch if I want to in the evening, or I can carry it any way I want. I love the Silver, Gold etc. metallic colors for evening, but after hearing about possible color transfer I am speechless! :sad:
    - Now what should I do? Thank you!
  13. Hi South Beach! Thank you. Please see my lambskin experience in the above post. Hope it helps. Many people have owned and loved lambskin. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE lambskin, but I am too afraid that I would ruin it even by minimum usage. I cannot take this "lambskin heart attack" any more. Thanks! :smile:
  14. Agree with others....if you can afford both...get both...I wish I can have both...actually I wish I have reissue :smile:
  15. Thanks Maria Adam. Only would like to buy two flaps at the moment (one Jumbo, one M/L). Thanks!