Poll: Chameleon Insert/Purseket or Nothing At All

  1. I thought that it would be fun to do a poll of handbag insert use.

    1. Do you use a purseket, chameleon or other in your bag or not??

    2. Please include size and type of your bag and, if using an insert, which one and what size.

    I have 35cm birkins and use the large chameleon insert.
  2. Nothing at all...I want to see and experience the full beauty of the bag both inside and out!
  3. same here - nothing -- nice idea but can't do it...yet anyway! I've seen them being used IRL though and it looks very good...
  4. I use a medium (which is really the large) bagmate for 35 and 30 birkins as well as 32 kellys; it's the only way I can find things easily without having to rummage. I'll use a small chameleon for a 28 kelly because the sides are floppy enough to fit in the bag structure, but it's the same floppiness that annoys me about the chameleon and prevents me from using it in general.
  5. 32 Kelly....use nothing but the fabulous bag!!
  6. Can you post a picture of your insert? I have never seen one that didn't look like it came from the cheapo "As Seen On TV" shop! :throwup: Thanks!!!
  7. I use the x-large Chameleon for my 35s and GPT, but as I've been carrying my Kellys more lately, it's been nothing.
  8. I use nothing at all but a few accessories from Hermes and Prada nylon bags. I feel that I paid so much $$$$
    for the bag that I want to enjoy it.
  9. I use a large purseket in my 35cm Garden Party totes. I find that the purseket is the perfect way to organize the inside of a GPT. Here is a pic from last summer:

  10. Oops, I think that mine is a x-large like Orchids.

    Kellybag and shoes what bags do you use with no insert??
  11. I bought a Bagmate in the largest size for my 35 Birkins but never really used it. I prefer the luxury of the leather. Honestly, none of the organizers seem nice enough and I don't mind looking around for something when the interior is so beautiful.
  12. I use a med. bagmate in my 30 birkin and 31 bolides.
    It makes it so easy when changing bags on a frequent basis!
  13. I'm not familiar with the Chameleon insert. Would someone please provide a link?
  14. I have a large leopard purseket but only use it in my beach bag.
  15. nothing at all with my 35 togo birkin b/c I worry that it might add more weight but this thread just gave me an idea....I held back from buying a Goyard tote b/c of the big opening, maybe I can get a bagmate for it ....