POLL! Canadian buyers waiting for bag...


Shipping poll.

  1. Bag > ON TIME

  2. Bag > DELAYED

  3. Bag > LOST!!!

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  1. hi ladies,

    im waiting on a couple of bags:love:, both r shipped USPS, registered. regardless of express or not- they are , ummmm, late. so i wait.....
    thought i would do a poll- here on the pf and see who-

    1. received their bag on time:smile:
    2. Late- Please post and tell us how late... 1-2 3- weeks, and:rolleyes:
    3. if anyone has acutally lost a bag :cursing:

    This would be really good information for all of us to see.

    Thanks and pls share ur experience. you can poll as many times as u wish, per event.
  2. I haven't had any issues with USPS lately. Infact, it's my preferred method of receiving products from the US. All packages seem to arrive (going through customs) within about 1.5 ... no latter than 2 weeks. So far <knock on wood> I've never had anything go missing. I've had about 6 things since the beginning of January that have been shipped USPS.
  3. ^^^ thx moonstar! question- do they ship express or priority for u?
  4. I have two enroute from the states - one is coming global priority and the other express global - I was provided tracking numbers and I must say that the USPS website is awesome - their tracking is really detailed. You can even find out what time it arrives in and clears customs!
  5. Over the last few years, I have received over 100 shipments from the U.S. via USPS, most First Class Mail and Priority, a few Global Express. I have never had anything go missing and I have never waited longer than two weeks from the shipping date - often less.
  6. I'm with the rest of you - I've only have had good experiences with USPS/Canada Post, have never had to wait more than a couple of weeks for items to arrive, and nothing has ever gotten lost. Any delays have been in Customs, and USPS/Canada Post can't do anything about that. They also have such a reasonable (flat $5) processing fee when taxes and duties are charged on the item, compared to the outrageous fees charged by the courier companies (especially UPS - I especially hate UPS) - and unlike with UPS not EVERY package ends up attracting duties and taxes and I am now firmly convinced that UPS makes sure Customs catches each and every package so they can tack on their outrageous fees on top.

    So I would take USPS over the courier companies ANY day...
  7. thx ladies. yes usps have been quite profiient in the past-- but i lost tracking on these 2 bags now (since they left the us)---- i think they r lost. darn it! crap! another long weekend waiting....
  8. I think my things have been shipped Express (if I remember correctly). Well, I think they had the EMS blue sticker on the side ... I assume it's Express.
  9. I actually prefer sellers use USPS because then I won't have to pay those hefty brokerage fees. I've never bought bags online but I have bought other expensive items like jewelry and I request it be sent USPS. My items going first class international takes up to 2-3 weeks! But they have never gotten lost. Only late (ie. 3 weeks max)!
  10. thx ladies! i have hope.... 2 weeks.... ok- maybe this week..... thx :biggrin:
  11. My experiences have varied. Sometimes I get them in a week, sometimes they get held up in customs.