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  1. I was visiting Chanel at the Bal Harbour Shops today. (By the way, they had one medium black reissue there that had been on hold in the back & they just put out--if anyone is still looking for one.) Anyway, I didn't see the Cambon line and asked the SA where they were. She said that they didn't have any & that Cambon was "what we did last year -- this year we are doing the Luxury line". :huh:

    I hate to be "so last year"!!!, so this made me question my new Cambon tote purchase...should I have gone for the Medallion tote instead? :unsure:

    Here are pictures...the Cambon pic is mine & the Medallion pic is from Pursegalsf.
    Chanel bag 006.JPG pursegalsf.jpg
  2. Go with what you love! SAs have to push the new lines that's their job. I think any Chanel bag will be a classic ... it just depends on which bag suits your lifestyle.
  3. I really like both bags! I'm favoring the medallion tote, because I have one and I love it :love: But, like asl_bebes said, choose the bag that best fits your lifestyle. It doesn't matter whether an SA considers it "last year" - if it works for you and you love it, that's what matters :biggrin:
  4. :shame: Hee Hee......I really want both bags! :nuts:
  5. Get whatever you feel is best for you. I love both bags too. But I obviously love the medallion tote better :biggrin: I actually exchanged the gold medallion tote for a silver one.

  6. OOH---that's exactly the one that I would get--the silver one. Good choice!!
  7. I'm a huge fan of the cambon line, espcially that tote! Both are lovely though, you can't go wrong w/ Chanel!
  8. i totally agree! you can't go wrong with Chanel... i thought i'd go for a classic flap one... but at the moment its not going to fit my lifestyle... i'm totally loving the Cambon line and i cant wait to get my hands on my new bag...
    btw... i think your Cambon tote is cute!!! AND i also do like the Medallion tote!!! Chanel is just so timeless!
  9. I prefer the cambon line:love: and I totally agree with what's already been said. The sales associates have to push the new lines.
  10. I dont think it should matter what the SA says is on style or not.
    I think you should go with the bag that you LOVE ;)
  11. i love cambon! your sa might've meant about being last season that the patent was the limited ed. Cambon is here to stay!
  12. I wanted the classic flap to be my first Chanel bag as well but when I got it, it was SO small for all my stuff and since it was lined in leather, I was worried about scratching it (just the way I am), so I returned it. So, I went with a tote instead and I LOVE it! The SA kept telling me that I NEED the classic flap but I didn't listen to her...I just would not use it as much as the tote. I would def. consider getting it in the future for going out though.

    So, to answer your question...
    I LOVE the Cambon tote...I think it's absolutely adorable. But so is the Medallion tote!

    (1) The Cambon tote is much more casual that the Medallion tote though. So, if you'd want to wear it with a suit...it would look ok but not as great as the caviar tote. But if you don't wear suits, then maybe Cambon tote would suit your lifestyle better?
    (2) The Medallion tote is made of caviar leather, so it is MUCH more durable in my opinion.
    (3) The handles on the Medallion tote are not long enought to be worn on your shoulder (I tried it on in the store and it was WAY too snug...and I was wearing a T-shirt). So, it is more a hand-held bag (it may be different on you though).

    Just keep those little points in mind when you make your decision. Both are classics in my eyes. So, whichever works for you depends on your lifestyle!

    Good luck!
  13. i like both bags, but i really love the cambon with the patent cc's. :heart:
  14. I vote Cambon, only because I own one!:lol: But seriously, I always buy bags that I :heart: !!! IN or OUT, I don't care!!!:smile:
  15. i like both!! hahhaah any chanel would be a classic!
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