POLL: buying a used LV


What should I do?

  1. Get the new one! Only $250 more, you can have it NEW and NOW!

  2. Get the used one, and save the money for other things you want!!

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  1. Hi guys~I'm torn here:push:....AGAIN!

    I don't usually buy used bags, I tend to buy used only if its discontinued and I can't find it here in Australia anymore. Now I have a chance to get a 2nd hand (mint condition) fuschia neo speedy for around $250 less than retail (the bag is located in U.S). In the meantime, my SA has managed to order one for me, and its now in store ready for me to pick up. Do you think I should spend the extra $250 and go for the brand new one? Or save the $250, and use it to buy other things I want?

  2. I would get the new one, $250 is not a huge amount of savings, IMO. If it were 50% off the retail price then I would consider it but, if not I would buy the bag new in the store.
  3. Oops, just saw it was in mint condition. Hmm. I still would buy it in the store. It's up to you though, let us know what you decide.
  4. I would also get new :yes: like you I don't get used unless its discontinued.
  5. Get the new one! :yes:
  6. I would get the new one seeing as it's not a huge saving. Plus with the one coming from the US you have to wait for the mail service and pray it doens't get squashed or lost on the way.
  7. Sorry, just checked with the seller, so it would be around $300 less than retail, not $250:sweatdrop:.
  8. I would say get the new one. It's not a huge savings and then you don't have to worry about it having a little flaw or smell etc. And also you don't have to worry about shipping.
  9. I would personally get it used .... if it's in good condition.

    To ME $300 is quite a savings.

    You could get something else extra with that. ;)
  10. I would get the used one. If it's in mint condition, and a reliable seller I personally would rather pay $300 less for the same bag, which will be in the same or close to the same condition. I'd then used that saved $300 on a new accessory or towards another bag on your wish list...

    But that's me..
  11. In your case I'd say get the new one ... you always have to calculate the possibility of customs fees :sweatdrop:
  12. ^ITA! Customs is a pain!
  13. Hmm...so its about 19-20% off retail.....:whistle:
  14. D'oh:push:!!!
  15. Mh... if it was coated canvas, I'd get the used one if it's in good condition... but the denim (or any other fabric that can't be wiped off) I'd rather want new... u never know where the bag was before, kwim? :shame: