Poll: Brown Guccissima INDY vs. Black INDY - both large size!

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  1. Help~

    I just got brown guccissima INDY in large size from bluefly......and I am thinking about exchanging that to black since I have so many brown bags.....
    (3 different tones of brown balenciagas, 1 cognac spy large satchel, 1 miumiu matlasse in brown suede and the INDY that I just got on top of that)....

    But I think that brown Guccissima leather is 2 DIE 4..!
    (Black is also very sexy though..)

    What are your opinions?

    What do you think is prettier? (Ur honest opinions plz!)
  2. i love the brown.its so yummy..stick with it hun
  3. LOVE the chocolate brown guccissima!!! :love: :love:
  4. The Brown Guccissima... I am the same as you. I have way more brown bags than black bags. Actually I only have one black bag (a Guccissima Princy Hobo) I have only used it a few times. There is a new brown bag from the new fall line that I can't get out of my mind and I keep telling myself the same thing I don't need another brown bag. I totally understand what you are feeling.
  5. Brown Guccissima! Hands down.
  6. lone dissenter...i prefer black, but that's probably because i wear brown more often with gold jewelry and the bright silver hardware on the chocolate indy would contrast too much for me. that said, the bag is gorgeous in both colors, so just pick what you would use more!!!
  7. Brown ...it is fabulous!!!!!!!
  8. I would have to go with the Brown Guccissima!
  9. omGOSH brown guccissima is amazing please don't let it go!
  10. I love brown guccissima but for this bag, i prefer it in black! It's really really nice!!!
  11. Brown!! I'm lusting after that Indy!
  12. Brown for sure.
  13. I am in love with the indy :cloud9:
    Trying to save up for one but I've been very very bad :sad:
  14. Brown!