Poll: Bronze or dark silver.....Luxury by Chanel Ligne, Bowler!

  1. Hi, ladies~!!! it's me again the indecisive little thing....:sweatdrop:

    I wanted the Luxe bowler so bad, and today I was able to locate some of them......there are red, coral, dark silver and bronze......(the cruise collection)

    I want one in either bronze or dark silver...and AS ALWAYS CANNOT MAKE UP MY MIND......:crybaby: so I am asking you ladies~!:wlae:

    I am taking a trip to South Coast Plaza Chanel Boutique tomorrow.....(about an hour and ten minute drive from here)....... I will let you guys know if there's anything new or special~

    DARK SILVER......?

    opinions appreciated! thanks!
  2. Bronze:heart:
  3. Color samples~! (Pix)
    bronze.jpg dkslv.jpg
  4. Love them both. I'd choose based on my wardrobe. If you wear more black, white, gray, red, and jewel tones I'd go with dark silver, but if you wear browns, ivory, olive, and taupe, etc. I'd go with bronze. Might as well choose the color you will be able use the most!
  5. Bronze!

    The Bowler is TDF!! I have it in the black deerskin and it is by far my favorite Chanel bag.
  6. bronze, I think it would go with me, but I guess it really depends on your wardrobe.
  7. bronze for me!
  8. Bronze!
  9. bronze for sure
  10. Bronze definitely!
  11. Silver!! I've seen both in real life and Silver beats Bronze for me.
  12. Silver!
  13. i wouldve voted for the silver if it was reallie a dark silver...but its not even dark at all

    i like the bronze!
  14. Definitely the bronze. It looks wonderful in your pic as well in the flap bag!
  15. silverrr