POLL: Britt Bag HELP!

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Which Britt Bag?

  1. Anthracite/Pewter Gunmetal Guccissima Britt

  2. Ivory "regular leather" Britt

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  1. Which bag? They're both the medium size although the photos are different sizes. Thanks for everyone's input!!

    Anthracite Metallic Guccissima. The photo really does NOT do the color justice. It's a beautiful gun-metal gray with great shimmer.


    Or the same bag in ivory "plain" leather:

  2. I love gucci and the Britt bag is gorgeous but, I just found the LV suhali lockit pm and I am in love..I want a black bag and I am torn between the britt and the suhali lockit pm...I soo love Gucci
  3. I am a fan of the first. Love the guccissima and sounds like the color is fabulous
  4. saw the top one in person and it's HOT!!!
  5. I'd go with the first. The color sounds fab and it just seems more fun!
  6. I have not seen the ivory IRL but I have seen the 1st one. I thought the metallic was "a little over the top". It's a beautiful bag, but there is so much going on , maybe the ivory one would tone it down a bit.
  7. i bought the Gucci Anthracite and it is FA FA FA BULOUS!!!!! I haven't seen the ivory. But IMO the Guccissima in Anthracite with the gold hardware is on point. The bag is totally ROCKSTAR!!!
  8. i like the plain one! :smile:
  9. i honestly dont like either, i think if it didnt have the GG mono on the black it would be nicer, and i detest it in white
  10. Have you looked at the one I got..the brown Britt with the removable shoulder messenger starap..THAT one is TDF IRL..Take a look at it
  11. I definitely prefer the first one, that's sharp !
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