Poll: Botkier Carlton Satchel vs. Botkier Crosby Satchel


Botkier Crosby vs. Botkier Carlton

  1. Botkier Crosby

  2. Botkier Carlton

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  1. I have the Carlton Satchel although I haven't worn it yet, and I like the Crosby Satchel, but I have a lot of black bags already, so having both is out of the question
    (perhaps;)). So which do you like better and why? Thanks!


  2. Carlton, all the way. The front locky thing intrigues me!
  3. Crosby
  4. I like the stud detail on the Carlton but unlike pixiechic I'm not sure about the padlock/medallion thing! It's so prominent. Does it require fiddling with to get in and out of the bag? That would be a dealbreaker for me.
  5. I like the Crosby, it looks elegant!
  6. The Crosby has simplistic elegance. I had both the small and tall Carlton Hobo's and while the turnlock is cool and unique, it's a bit medieval looking. It's a little clunky too.