Poll: Black flat messenger or day?

  1. Between the new flat messenger and day style in black with regular harware which is better/which would you choose? Thanks
  2. I'd pick the Day, because it has the ability to hold a lot more and has such an attractive slouch. The new flat messenger isn't really doing it for me, although I like to look at pics of it on others...

    It's just... so... flat. :oh:

    I'm curious to see how it looks when it's broken-in though.
  3. Day :supacool:
  4. The Day...for everyday. The messenger for traveling and shopping when you need two hands.
  5. the day! it's more versatile, IMO
  6. The day. I do love the new flat messenger (which I plan on getting), but if I had to choose one or the other, the day would definitely win.
  7. i'm not a fond of messenger bags but honestly the look on the flat is way more tempted to me than the day. but i think it depends on the function you need from this bag :yes:
  8. Day :yes:
  9. You can't go wrong with a black day. I need to see a messenger in person before recommending it.
  10. Day ... I don't think I like the thick macho strap on the Flat messenger.
  11. Day for me, as well! I really like the feel and design of the bag. You can carry a bunch of stuff in it, yet it doesn't really look bulky. Hmmm...not sure if I'm articulating that too well. :yes:
  12. Day...I like the way it hangs better...:smile:
  13. The day.
  14. I prefer the day!
  15. I love both, but, for different occasions. To me, nothing beats a messenger when you are bumming around the city or out shopping. It is surprisingly large and the crossbody, hands free part is what I love most. One less thing to carry.