Poll- better vernis color for key holder?


Which color Vernis 4 Key holder?

  1. Framboise

  2. Amarante

  3. Other- answer in post

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. OK... so I am all set to get a key holder. I love framboise, and there are a few floating around that have barely been used, so that's an option. I also love Amarante. These are my two favs. (pomme is nice too by the way). What color do you think will hold up best on a key holder? I know about the fingerprint issue with amarante, but finger prints won't bother me as much as dirt/discoloration. What do you all think? ;)
  2. Get Pomme!
  3. i'm thinking of the Amarante 4-keyholder too :nuts:! my current Dior one is on its way out, so i have an excuse to get one :p. my only problem is the fingerprints and smudging; i handled one at the Bloor Street boutique in Toronto, and the fingerprints i left on it bothered me a little. but i still say go for the Amarante :graucho:

    or maybe the Pomme d'Amour?
  4. Well.... if I don't get an amarante key holder, that will be an excuse to get something else in amarante LOL!
  5. I voted for Amarante :graucho: :tup:
  6. get framboise..amarante will be around for awhile
  7. ^Good point. Thanks for the answers so far everyone!
  8. I had bronze, pomme, indigo, framboise....all the colors held up well.

    I'd go with pomme...it's so striking!
  9. I love both but I like the Amarante the best.
  10. I like the framboise, but I bought the pomme (before amaranthe was out) which I feel goes with more. It looks great with everything! I would say now my choices are as follows: 1) Pomme, 2) Amaranthe, 3) Framboise
  11. I voted Other-- for Pomme! I have one and love it! The color is amazing and makes me happy whenever I take it out!
  12. Pomme!
  13. I have the framboise one, absolutely the most beautiful pink i've ever owned.
  14. i love Amarante.. i love how sutle it is
  15. Pomme~~!! I have and love it!!!