Poll: Best LV for...

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  1. Hey guys! Wow my first thread. :shame: Since I want to shop again (yeah like that feeling stops) what do you think is the best LV for each occasion

    - out and about in jeans

    - still in college

    - relaxed work bag

    - classy work bag

    - taking an overseas vacation

    - dinner and drinks with your sig. other
  2. Do you just want ONE that covers all these areas? Or do you want a suggestion for each scenario?
  3. For most of those situations, I'd say their totes would work well, and the handbags can go most anywhere and at any old time.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the ambiguity!

  5. Out and about in jeans - Batignolles Vertical or Horizontal

    Still in college - Does this mean your on a budget? Then I'd say Speedy 25. If you mean to carry books in...then def. something bigger.

    Classy work bag - Popincourt Haut (nice structure, not too big)

    Dinner and drinks with your sig. other - A pochette (something small to throw lipstick and ID in)
  6. I have more than 1 bag per category. :lol:

    1) Jeans: mono speedy 25 or popingcourt
    2) College: popingcourt haut or cabas piano
    3) Casual Work: damier papillon 30
    4) Classy Work: black epi jasmin or damier/epi alma
    5) Oversea Vacation: keepall 50
    6) Dinner/Drinks w/ Sig: mini sac or any pouchette
  7. - out and about in jeans Monogram Speedy

    - still in college Bagtinolles Horizontal

    - relaxed work bag Damier Papillon

    - classy work bag Epi Alma

    - taking an overseas vacation Epi Speedy

    - dinner and drinks with your sig. other Vernis Lexington
  8. I love these two ideas. I never thought of the Damier Pap as a work bag, but now it sounds like such a cute idea!
  9. LOL the more the merrier. Black Epi Jasmin... such a beautiful bag :love:
  10. - out and about in jeans: Mono,denim, or damier speedy

    - still in college: Cabas

    - relaxed work bag:Papillon

    - classy work bag: Le fab or jasmine

    - taking an overseas vacation:Pegasse 50 or keepall 55

    - dinner and drinks with your sig. other:Pochette of any kind
  11. 1) Jeans: speedy 25, popincourt haut
    2) College: cabas mezzo or bagtignolles horizontal
    3) Casual Work: SO damier cabas mezzo
    4) Classy Work: black suhali le fab or white
    5) Oversea Vacation: alma voyage as a carry-on, with a steamer trunk in the hold ;)
    6) Dinner/Drinks w/ Sig: shirley