Poll: Beautiful Jewelry Tree

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I want to get 2 of them. Now what color?

  1. Get 2 Silver Chrome

  2. Get 2 Black Chrome

  3. Buy 1 of each (Silver + Black) Chrome

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I saw this unique jewelery tree & I absolutely love it! It looks good alone or with jewelry. Now, what color should I pick? Do you like Silver (Chrome) better or Black Chrome better?? Please help me pick as I am so undecisive! (I have attached 4 pictures) The Last pictures has both the silver & black chrome together.

  2. I like the crome. :smile:
  3. Black will make your jewerly stand out
    silver looks a bit too ordinary :smile:
  4. #4 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    One more picture of both silver & black together!

    Black >>


    Attached Files:

  5. ohhhh love the black, it will make ur jewels pop! :smile: do u mind sharing where you found this? tia! :smile:
  6. what goes better w the decore in ur room?
  7. i really like them both!
  8. Today, I am feeling the black.
  9. I like the black =)
  10. I like the chrome!
  11. One of each, these are awesome!!!
  12. :nuts: That is so cute!!! I want one too :heart: I like the black one~~~
  13. One of each!
  14. Black. Will you share where they are from?
  15. luvednotspoiled & ahertz:

    Sure!! This awarding winning jewelry tree is by Menu. Just do a google search & type in "Menu jewelry tree" :smile:

    Thanks everyone!!! Keep the comment coming. ;) I am leaning towards getting both silver + black...but it may be weird when I put them together.