Poll: Balenciaga or Chanel

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Balenciaga or Chanel

  1. Balenciaga Hook bag in ink

  2. Chanel bag

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I need your advise. Should I keep the Balenciaga Hook bag in ink, or should I use that money ($1,495) and get a Chanel?
  2. Oh no.. it'd be so sad to see an ink bag go. Chanel is probably better at standing the test of time though, I just prefer it overall.. so the big C gets my vote !
  3. I like the balenciaga there bags are so nice.
  4. I really like the Balenciaga but I would trade it in for a Chanel that I liked much better!

    What Chanel are you considering?
  5. i'd hate to return something my SO got me but if it costs that much money i think i'd prefer a chanel just because it's more classic and would last me longer
  6. Chanel!
  7. My vote is for the Chanel!
  8. Kat, go for Chanel!
  9. I think it's established that the Chanel is much more classic, so the only question now is if your DH will be offended if you return the balenciaga. I don't think it's worth hurting someone else's feelings over a bag you would rather have (compared to one that you like), the ink Balenciaga is gorgeous.
  10. I agree! Balenciaga is too trendy, but a Chanel is forever!
  11. chanel
  12. Kat that is tough! But since you already have a bunch of balenciaga bags- go for a Chanel! And post pics of what you get!!!
  13. I have no idea what a Balenciaga hook bag is but I would go for a Chanel, it's more timeless.

    Edit: I just saw the Balenciaga bag in your other thread. It's quite cute, but if I had a husband that went out and bought me a nice bag I wouldn't return or exchange it for fear that it might discourage him from buying me more bags in the future.
  14. Which Chanel? I really like that Hook bag :love: Depends on the Chanel you're thinking of getting!
  15. He could tell I wasn't totally sure about it. He suggested we take it back and get something else. He's not touchy when it comes to things like this. I know, I'm lucky.