Poll - Are you A Republican or Democrat or . . . .

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Poll: Are you Republican, Democrat or . . .

  1. Democrat

  2. Republican

  3. Independent

  4. Other - I'll explain

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  1. I'm curious.
    I do want to say that I don't want this to turn into a mud sling though.
    Please peacefully vote and add any comments you wish.
  2. YIKES...can't wait to see what this turns into! The hell I got over bergacci was serious...it was not politcal...can't wait to hear thoughts...
  3. I'll tell why I asked.
    We did this at a another website I moderate around election time.
    I did it because there were SO many Bush bashing threads on the site - in a private debatey kind of Forum. So I figured the majority there MUST be Democrats, boy was I wrong! But it was fascinating to me to watch these discussions by Democrats and then to find out there was actually closer to 65% Republicans versus 30% Democrat.

    Then some of them got mad thinking I was insinuating they{Democrats} talk too much! LOL!

    All I did was start the poll, I kept my mouth shut about who said what, LOL! I never even publically revealed which party I support. There must've been a few guilty consciences there!

    Anyhow, I respectfully request this stay postive.
  4. LOL I was President of the Young Democrats Club in highschool!

    I certainly respect Republicans when they understand why they are Republicans to begin with.

    Disclaimer: All said respectfully!

    However, what I don't understand is why certain groups continually vote Republican against their own personal and economic interests out of sheer stupidity.

    I used worry about a Ford mechanic losing his job in the midwest, about a marine leaving his wife and baby to fight in Iraq... but these people deserve what they get when they vote for a president who is not actually for a social, domestic or foreign policy that would benefit them.

    There are a *a lot * of good reasons for being a Republican. So long as you know what they are, good for you. What I'm against is ignorant voting.
  5. Proud to be a Democrat !!! Great Post.
  6. Is it 2008 yet?:lol:
  7. I know I'm going to ruffle some feathers with this statement, but I feel that if I'm a minority I should be a democrat....for obvious reasons.
  8. I think a lot of people vote the party their family has been voting on for years w/o knowing their platforms.
    No matter which party I vote for, there always seems to be 2 evils to choose from. I've never seen a candidate stand for 100% of what I believe in :sad:
    Actually, 100% is unreasonable, I'll retract that, I haven't felt like I've agreed w/ even 80% of what any candidate has stood for.
    I'm pretty much in the middle, I'm not "left-wing" nor am I "right wing" so I find it tough to vote.
  9. I'm dense, bear w/ me . . .
    what do you mean?:huh:
  10. Republican...and proud.
  11. Democrat.
  12. I figure the less of 2 evils would be the democratic party, who would we ( minorities) benefit most from. The majority of big businesses, organizations are owned and operated by wealthy, caucasians...and unfortunately, Republicans favor these causes more than the welfare of the regular Joe Schmoe/blue collar folk.

    Hi Pursegalsf...like your new pic!
  13. Democrat.
  14. Democrat here. There are a lot of really stupid politicans that shouldn't be in office(dubya, and Hillary Clinton-sorry everyone I hate this woman with a passion).
  15. :lol:
    :lol: why? (hating hilary?)