Poll: Aquarelle Papillon, Roses Speedy or Perforated Speedy?

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What LV next?

  1. Watercolor Papillon

  2. Sprouse Roses Speedy

  3. Perfo Fuchsia Speedy or Musette

  4. none - pls make a suggestion! : )

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Jul 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2009
    Hello! I am debating my next LV and have narrowed it to Watercolor (aquarelle) papillon, Steven Sprouses Roses Speedy or a Perfo Fuchsia Speedy or Musette if I can find one.

    Please vote and help me decide!!

    So far I have the Black Neo Cabby, Alma Amarante Vernis, Epi Grenade Alma and Black Epi Sac Montaigne.

    Thank you so much for your help!!
  2. WC Papillon is hot!
  3. wc papillon. still have? that was last year!:smile:
  4. The WC line is so smokin hot. I loooooove it. I choose WC!!
  5. I like the WC papillon....and...Perfo Speedy too...mmmmm:shrugs:
  6. None of the above... A Watercolor speedy
  7. ^ That gets my vote over the Papillon. I like the Watercolor line in white though, not brown.
  8. ^^Me too :smile:
  9. Watercolour Speedy. Pretty bag and its rare that I see anyone carrying it.
  10. Yeah I choose the Speedy too but in brown!! I feel the watercolor effect splashes out more (pops out). Love it!
  11. WC Speedy in white.
  12. watercolor! speedy!
  13. I forgot when I posted the WC speedy to say get the white one. I have one and I love it

    Here is mine
  14. i voted for the WC papillon.. have it and love it..
    surprisingly spacious.. and is yum (think flavored chocolate)!! :heart:

  15. Wc papillon/speedy or roses speedy :smile: