Poll: 35 Birkin in black ardenne vs red fjord

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  1. Which would you choose for a first Birkin- a black ardenne with GH or a red fjord with GH? Take into consideration that both are 35cm, pre-owned, in good condition and similar in price. Also, please state the reason for your choice. Thanks.;)
  2. ahh the color war...i'm also trying to decide what color i want as well...

    i guess the best advice is to get the one that goes with more of your wardrobe and/or the one that you do not have as many other bags in...

    btw, i cast my vote for the red. I love a red birkin...its like a pair of louboutins, very chic.

    not to mention the fjord leather is tough, or so i've read...
  3. my vote goes to the red! u can get black bags anywhere but it's how the colorful bags takes on colors that really show off H leather's amazing texture and set them apart from other bags.
  4. Both are beautiful combinations but for a first birkin, I would choose the black ardennes with GH as it is a discontinued leather and it is the perfect black leather birkin.
  5. Another vote for black ardennes!
  6. black black black , perfect for any occasion (work/travel/shopping)
  7. Although I love a red Birkin, I think that in the long run you will be happier with the black Ardennes. A wonderful leather, light and weather resistant, with a slight sheen to it. Black goes anywhere, it is always chic.
  8. OP: I agree that you should go for one that is very versatile and suits you... When you say "red" - which Hermes red are you referring to? (E.g., Rouge H, Rouge Garrance, Rouge VIF, etc.) Knowing the exact red might help :smile:
  9. Well, until I know exactly which red we're talking about I cast my vote for the black! It's timeless......
  10. Black Ardennes, what a great combination! (and I love Red bags)
  11. I love red bags but for a first Birkin I'd go for black Ardennes with ghw.
    A beautiful combination, classy and timeless and it will go with almost everything ;).
  12. Black Ardennes - you'll love it FOREVER! :yahoo:
  13. Fjord is usually Rouge Vif.

    This is a tough choice. They are both my favorite leathers. Either would be great. Black will probably go with more.
  14. I would want both! lol!

    Fjord is my favorite H leather. It is very durable. You also can never go wrong with a red Birkin IMHO.

    Black is sometimes a hard color to get in the boutiques. I have a few black Birkins, but I have a Black Ardennes 32cm HAC that I use as a daily workhorse bag. It goes everywhere (grocery shopping, the veterinarian's office, the gas station, etc...lol). The Ardennes leather sure takes a beating and still looks great.

    What a tough decision! I think either bag would be perfect.
  15. Black Ardennes