Poll: 2nd Birkin SO

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2nd Birkin SO choices!

  1. 35 black box PHW w/raisin lining

  2. 35 etoupe togo PHW w/gris T lining

  3. 35 raisin box PHW w/??? lining (suggestions, please!)

  4. go for a 40 clemence PHW Kelly! (list color in comments)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. A quick poll for the weekend! As many of you know I'm pondering my 2nd Birkin, and would like to place a SO (contrast lining) when I go to Paris in a few month's time. I already have a gold 35 clemence PHW, which goes well with the blues in my work wardrobe and my brown casual clothing. I want my next Birkin to go with my grey and black suits, but still be usable on the weekends. Below are four choices I'm thinking about now for a conservative, understated work bag. All are classic, so I am having trouble deciding! Please vote! If you have other suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments.
  2. Hi - congratulations on your SO - BBB are a great addtion - raisin would make it even more special.

    The only thing that might make me change my mind was if DH gave me the go ahead for a 40 in cocoan croc!
  3. Since you already own a gold birkin, I'd skip the etoupe. If you would like the bag to go with black/gray suits, maybe get a black birkin? I love the 40 Kelly but in dark colors, a lot of people complain that it looks like a briefcase (plus for work you might find the ease of a tote more practical than a kelly). :smile: I'll vote for the BBB with raisin lining!
  4. Raisin with Rose shocking lining.. :drool:
  5. etoupe with gris T lining...but then I am addicted to etoupe;)
  6. My only suggestion is that raisin is a dark color for a lining -- I would suggest to go a bit lighter so you can more easily see things inside.

    Also, while I was only one of the only voters for a 40Kelly -- I do highly recommend that choice -- it is a GREAT bag!!
  7. ITA with hermeshunter.
    How about Raisin with Violet interior?

    Good luck with the decision making process! :flowers:
  8. I voted for RAISIN of course...LOL! I would say violet lining! Mmmmmm!
  9. If you want it to be year round and weekend....don't go with box.
  10. I chose etoupe because I love the color and because of the ease of use -- for a grab and go workbag, no worries about the weather like with box.
  11. A black box is never wrong! The all time classic!
  12. Folr a conservative, understated work bag, I vote for the etoupe/gris t. It will go with everything and etoupe is NEVER flashy or "look at me."

    Having said that, I adore Raisin Box - it's one of my favorite leather/color combos - but it's anything but understated and conservative. It's a very bright grape color!

    I also love 40 Kellys but, like someone else posted here, unless you get it in a bright color, it'll end up looking like a briefcase.
  13. Box raisin with violet lining! :girlsigh:
  14. Have you considered rouge H? It's a classic, very chic and would look smashing with gray & black suits, but also with white tee's and jeans plus brown casuals for the weekends. There's really no colour rouge H cannot be mixed with, love it.

    what about rouge H togo/chevre/vache liegee (or what ever is replacing vl)/epsom with graphite or black lining, stiching & brushed palladium hw (ruthenium would look amazing, too, if it's still offered, no harm in asking). Rouge H looks amazing with a raisin lining, too. Then there's black with a rouge H/raisin/violet lining...? :smile: Sorry, I'm not much of a help, am I :smile: