Polka Dots Panema question

  1. Went to the vuitton site today to see what's posted and finally took a look at the polka dots panema bowly. I prefer the white I think.

    Has anybody found out what the price tag is for it?
    I haven't gotten around to calling any place yet.

    Thanks ahead of time.
  2. I know they are several thousand. I also think you have to put 50% down upon ordering it.
  3. wow, pricey! thank goodness i am spared from S/S and F/W this year :sweatdrop:
  4. More like $3800?
  5. Its a BIG Bag!!! So if your gonna get it, make sure you make note of it's size!
  6. the MC polka dot tinkerbell is US4,600 and the tinkerbell panama is US$2,300. These are retail prices in Taiwan. Take 20% off of the above quotes and that's about how much it'll retail for in the US.
  7. The Polka Dots Panema Bowly in White Canvas is US$2380 and the Polka Dots Navy Bowly is US$3010.....I personally prefer the navy one........the fading color of the leather part is interesting. There might have been a slight change in the prices......

    You know....how LV raises their prices from the estimated prices always......sometimes it doubles......(like the denim patch work speedy from 1030 to 2020)

    Hope the polka dots series stay the same..... : )
  8. Thanks everyone for all the info. I thought the fading leather on the blue one was cool too but otherwise I thought the stripes with buttons might be too busy for my taste. I'd probably have to see it in person if possible to really decide if I would truly like it.

    If it's under 3 thousand I'll probably bite.

  9. Both are great-looking in their own way, but I do prefer the white. But then I'm a white bag person.
  10. I Am Already On The Wait List And You Don't Have To Put Any Money Down. So I Would Call.
  11. That's weird... I talked to about 4 different SA's and they told me that you had to put a 50% deposit on this bag. It also stated this in the look book. :hrmm:
  12. ummm.... it's 1700Euros ~ 2720$CAD ~ 2530$US for the bowly